Things to do in Guwahati

Things to do in Guwahati

As the Northeast’s entryway, Guwahati is well-known because it serves as the main centre for business, conveyance, coaching, politics, and heritage in Northeast India. The city of Guwahati is renowned for its multicultural population, cosmopolitan environment, and high customs and traditions. Up until 1826, when it became a part of the British Assam Empire, Guwahati was governed by Myanmar. In 1874, the capital moved to Shillong, which is located 67 miles to the south. Guwahati is Assam’s main port and commercial centre. The company also mills agricultural products in addition to producing soap and filtering tea. State farms and refineries for oil are also part of it. Northeast India’s capital city of Guwahati is a popular travel tourist spot. The city is filled with enticing tourist attractions. Numerous tourists stop by this location yearly to absorb its beauty. Many historical landmarks, reservoirs, ponds, galleries, and parks can be found in Guwahati. Unquestionably, one of Guwahati’s top attractions is the powerful Brahmaputra River. Pertaining to Guwahati, it is essential. In addition to many others, Guwahati celebrates notable holidays such as Bihu, the Brahmaputra Beach Festival, the Ambubachi Mela, the New Year, Durga Puja, Holi, and Diwali. The most important event in Guwahati is one of these, called Bihu. Numerous Hindu shrines and temple remnants can be found nearby. Guwahati is served by airways as well as railways. The temple city is another name for Guwahati. Guwahati is the location of most Assam historic events. The music, jigs, festivities, handcrafted crafts, distinctive cuisine, and other aspects of Guwahati’s culture are highly renowned. The dialect of Assamese is recognised in the area, similar to Bengali, a language spoken in Bangladesh and the state of West Bengal in India. Significant immigrants from the Bengal Plain of Bangladesh later made their way into Assam in the late nineteenth century, when they descended and started to agriculturally develop uncultivated territory, particularly the low delta plains. Within the plain’s mountainous borders, the Garo, Khasi, and Hajong the indigenous communities of India’s Meghalaya state reside.

Things to do in Guwahati

Guwahati is often known for its beautiful tourist spots and mouth watering tea, some of the best things to do in Guwahati are listed below:

Exhilarating fauna hunt at Kaziranga National Park

In 1904, the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon, and his wife, Mary Curzon, paid this area a visit; this was the beginning of Kaziranga’s history. Finding no indications of rhinos surprised them. In light of the one-horned rhinoceros’ worrisome population decline, Mary Curzon pleaded with her husband to take action to safeguard them. So, in 1905, 232 square kilometres of Kaziranga were designated as a Proposed Reserve Forest. Later, in 1908, the creation of a reserve forest was expanded to include an additional 152 square kilometres of Kaziranga. In addition to one-horned rhinoceros, the national park is home to a substantial population of tigers, elephants, swamp deer, and wild water buffalo. When the tourist season is in full swing, safaris are available whenever, day or night. Elephant rides are particularly popular among travellers, nature lovers, and journalists. Hiking is a wonderful hobby that is forbidden here to avoid mishaps. The best place in India for successful animal conservation, Kaziranga National Park, is about 5 hours by car from Guwahati. At this national park, great care is taken to ensure that environmental protection and tourism work in harmony with one another.

At Sualkuchi, Enshrine the Indigenous Heritage

The Manchester of the East is known for making silk, and Sualkuchi, a weaving hamlet on the Brahmaputra’s northern bank, is known for this. To the contrary, if you think that this is merely a small business area close to Guwahati, use the arresting images of silk mekhela to refute your presumptions. Similar to its well-known woven goods, the town’s surroundings will win you over. Events are abundant throughout November in the town. There should be no excuse for missing the Raas Mahotsav, which is held here every November. As souvenirs from the journey, Mekhela Chadar and traditional marital clothing are offered.

Enjoy yourself at the Regional Science Center

Consciousness is delightful at  Regional Science Center. The Regional Science Center is a great place to view the way science’s marvels are displayed if one is curious and thirsty for information. A digital planetarium, a three dimensional show, and a magic performance centred around science are included. There is little doubt that the museum will appeal to both kids and scientific enthusiasts of all ages. The stunning museum exhibits put a strong emphasis on science and coaching throughout history. The museum’s coal diggings, amusing reflector, linen lift, and miraculous tap are some of its most well-cherished features. The museum preserves priceless artefacts, tools, and documents that demonstrate the positive contributions that science has made to society. There are blooming balls, round puzzles, a scientific park, a playground for children, and a lawn for appreciating prehistoric life. Teaching science to the local school population is a major exhibit at the museum and its duties. The repository organises meetings, encampments, tournaments, and a few concerts with the goal of teaching kids about science. Additionally, both indoor and outdoor shows are held in the science centre. As a result, getting tired is not conceivable here. The entrance cost of this facility is 25 INR, and its opening hours are from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

Make a visit to Shrimanta Shankardeva Kalakshetra

Art lovers and scholars congregate in Kalakshetra, which also provides fantastic platforms for creatives to showcase their talents. The Kalakshetra can be visited between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm. Those who visit the depository can marvel at an assortment of exquisite artwork in addition to watching performances of tones, jigs, and theatre outside. A kids’ lawn and a reading room additional entertainment. This is where you’ll find the best places to go and things to do in Guwahati, Assam, as it’s where arts lover and art lovers’ things should be. Using the cable cars is appreciated, which are available inside the lawn, as a means of public transit.

Snapping Wildlife at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the nearest wilderness areas to Guwahati is the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, a lesser-known gem of Assam. The Sanctuary is less well-known than some of the other well-liked animal attractions in the state. Pobitora is nestled away on the Brahmaputra River’s bank and is situated in the Morigaon district, near to Guwahati. A grazing pasture had been kept up until that point for the Nagaon region. Pobitora recieved the designation of a wildlife refuge in 1987 as a result of the substantial one-horned rhino population in the region. In addition to 27 other occupied regions, the 38.8 sq km sanctuary has its own land. By visiting the location, you can take in its breathtaking views. It is known as the nation of black magic and wizardry since its citizens depend on magic to survive. Timings for the elephant ride are from 6:30 am to 8:30 am in the morning, and those for the jeep safari are from 7 am to noon and once more from 1 pm to 3 pm in the afternoon. 

Discover Madan Kamdev, Assam’s Version of Khajuraho

The excavation site where the ancient God Love sculptures once stood uncovered is about 40 kilometres from Guwahati. At the top of the hill, in the midst of stunning landscape and a lush environment, is where the temple is located. It’s fascinating to observe the statues’ exquisite carvings and careful construction. The hours are six o’clock in the morning till nine o’clock at night.

Boat Ride to Umananda Temple

In Guwahati, Assam, there is a temple to Lord Shiva called the Umananda Temple that is located on Umananda Island, also called Peacock Island, in the Brahmaputra River, directly across from the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Country boats may get through the Brahmaputra’s banks to the island, which is said to be the world’s smallest inhabited riverine island. Gadadhar Singha, a 17th-century monarch, constructed the Bhasmacala cliff on which the temple is located. Annually, a sizable flood of devotees attends Shiva Chaturdasi, the most well-cherished celebration held at this temple. In the sanctum sanctorum, there is a little Shiva Linga that is visible from the ground up. In reference to the peak where the Umananda temple is found, it is called Bhasmakal. One of the activities to do close to Guwahati is a tranquil boat ride. You’ll come across the notorious Golden Langurs along the way. A motorised boat is used for the thirty-minute journey to the temple. The cost of the boat journey is approximately INR 50 per person, and it provides visitors with an incredible experience. The temple is open from 5:30 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

At the Assam State Museum, Immerse in the Culture

Continue on straight to Assam State Museum to get a full sense of the location. It is known as one of the top museums in Northern India and features artefacts from as far back as the seventh century. India’s Guwahati is home to some of the best historical sites in the world. The collection consists of a variety of objects, such as sculptures, original works of art, decorative arts, and memorial goods. Sculptures can also be made from the following materials: stone, clay, wood, and metal. Under the heading of weapons and ammunition, one can find swords and shields from the Medieval to the Mughal ages. It served as a fantastic setting for exploring the historical relevance of natural history and rhinoceros. Handcrafted things from the depository are important since it features various handmade goods and handicrafts from North-Eastern India, including reconstructions of tribal dwellings, which gives it an advantage. One may enter while carrying a camera if they purchase the regular INR 50 ticket, which allows cameras within the museum. The cost of a ticket is INR 10 for children and INR 20 for adults. The museum is open from ten in the morning until four in the morning the next day

Dream-State at Guwahati Planetarium

Don’t miss the chance to be spellbound by the magnificent experience. Stargazing prospects are superb at the Guwahati Planetarium, a popular site for astronomy aficionados. Assamese, Hindi, and English commercial breaks are often interspersed throughout the programming. For the astronomy community, the planetarium routinely hosts conferences, workshops, and discourses in addition to its daily programming. It also frequently hosts exhibitions, contests, and spaces for eclipse viewing outside. This field will be very interesting to children and teenagers too are interested in space exploration and extraterrestrial life. On Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the exception of Sunday, there is an entrance fee of INR 30 for adults. It is recommended that young people who are interested in science go to the Guwahati Planetarium to discover marvels of the solar system and the night sky.

Kameng River Rafting

Make the most of your rafting experience on the Kameng River while taking in the serene North-Eastern landscape. The appealing and mesmerising river, formerly known as the Bhareli River, is waiting to be found with its varied degrees of rapines. The adventure of a lifetime that will leave you with enduring memories is white river rafting. It can be found in even the most remote areas, where there are numerous wilderness areas. So pack your bags in preparation for the most enthralling unique event. To really enjoy this thrilling excursion, camping is the best option. The surf in this area is at its best from mid-October to mid-February. Take in the rich folk culture, the natural beauty of Mother Nature, the deep forests, the lavish riverine setting, and the incredible biodiversity as you raft along the Kameng River’s powerfully rushing water. Move in a group of four to six persons while using the activity, as advised by the person you select as your engineer. One of the few known to be the best at the location is Dragon Tours, along with Red Chilli Adventures.

Visit the stunning ISKCON Guwahati

ISKCON Guwahati is one of the temples connected to the primary organisation devoted to Lord Krishna. Shri Shri Rukmini Krishna, the name of the temple, is derived from Rukmani, Lord Krishna’s wife. In the neighbourhood of Ulubari Chariali in the capital city, it is perched on a hill. The masterfully made stark white marble gives the structure of the building a spectacular aspect. ISKCON Guwahati, which is adjoined by lush nature, is a place where devout people can spend their time worshipping God. Inside the temple, you may see the gods of Krishna and Rukmani, who are adorned in magnificent clothing. Inside the temple, there are numerous halls where the Vaishnavite religion’s teachings are spread. This faith considers Lord Vishnu to be its supreme being. Cell phones and cameras are permitted within the shrine. Sundays between 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM are the best times to attend the aarti.

Enjoy your palate at Alfresco Grand

Guwahati is the gateway to North East India and is a thriving metropolis. A magnificent Brahmaputra river cruise from Guwahati is the ideal way to start your trip in the North East. The famous Brahmaputra is one of India’s rivers with the longest flow. The 1,800-mile river, often referred to as the Tsangpo-Brahmaputra, rises in Tsangpo, Tibet, and flows through Bangladesh and India before entering Bangladesh. On the island of Brahmaputra, you can arrange candlelit dinners, parties, and cruises for special occasions. On this tranquil and unique sunset boat ride, take in the magnificent sunset over the Brahmaputra River and return to Guwahati city with plenty of time to enjoy the remainder of the evening. During the trip around Guwahati on the mighty Brahmaputra, all you need to do is unwind, rest, and take it all in. As the sun sets, take in the stunning scenery; shortly after, the sky turns bright with stars. There is a relaxed atmosphere rather than a tight one, and each person has their own area.

Visit the Deepor Beel

The area offers a beautiful view of the fascinating marsh and luxuriant forest abode. It is known for its unspoilt beauty and biodiversity. Due to the fact that it is home to up to 19000 different unique and endangered bird species, the area attracts hordes of people from all over the world. The Ramsar Convention designated the area as a Ramsar site in 2002 because of the diversity of the area’s flora and fauna as well as its wetland characteristics. Winter is the greatest time to visit since the climate draws bird species from the far west and south that hibernate. Birdlife International has recognised it as an Important Bird Area, and the region’s unique ecology and culture are preserved in accordance with the law. The importance of Deepor Beel for biodiversity and the habitat has led to recognition of it as a crucial stop on the Guwahati route. The word “beel” in Assamese refers to a huge body of water. It is a member of the biogeography zone known as the Burma Monsoon Forest and may be found in the Brahmaputra valley in the lower portion of Assam, where it is one of the big beels. Travellers shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop by and unwind at this place for a fantastic opportunity to see birds. The Beel is open from nine in the morning until five in the evening.

Enjoy the best of Guwahati at Foodvilla

If one appreciates trying new foods and considers themselves to be a foodie, they should visit Foodvilla. In the heart of the city, you can find Foodvilla, a restaurant known for offering authentic Assamese cuisine. One will get to try some delectable food and learn a bit about the chef’s method of cooking in addition to tasting some tasty meals. The nice aspect is that trying some strange cuisine wouldn’t need much effort on the side of travellers. It’s accessible every day from 8 am to 11 pm.

Ride a Bike to Saraighat Bridge

Without second thought, proceed to Saraighat. Between the north-eastern region of India and the rest of the country, Saraighat acts as a crossing point. It is a great engineering accomplishment. On this railroad bridge, a civil war broke out between the Assamese kings, the Ahoms, and the Mughals. Biking along the magnificent Brahmaputra River in Guwahati is a fun pastime to do. It’s open for about twelve hours every day, from seven in the morning until seven at night.

Visit the Hajo temples and Pray

There are numerous temples dedicated to Hajo, all of which are adored by their adherents. The most famous is the Hayagriva Madhava Temple, which can be seen atop Monikut Hill. Visitors from both the Buddhist and Hindu faiths seek solace at this intimidating stone temple. The Hayagriva Madhava Temple, a Vishnu-dedicated structure, is well known for its exceptional design. Two additional major temples in Hajo’s history and religion are the Kedareswara Temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva, and the Madan Kamdev Temple on Dewangiri Hill. In front of the mosque is the burial of Gyasuddin Aulia, who made the initial attempts to introduce Islam to this part of the world. According to legend, some of the earth brought from Mecca was used to build the mosque’s foundation. This temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva, is the oldest one that has ever been found in India. The temple was built in the 18th century, during the reign of King Pramatta Singha. The Kedareswar Temple is home to a huge stone Shivalinga.

Shop at Maati Centre

An outstanding project called The Maati Center is administered by Pabitra Lama Sarmah, a former World Bank employee, and her better half, Rishi Raj Sarmah, and is located in Guwahati’s Uzan Bazaar. The centre, which was founded with the intention of promoting the abilities and artistry of local craftsmen from charitable institutions like Tihar Jail and Dastkar Ranthambore, has developed into an exceptional combination of regional culture and indigenous arts. Maati Centre provides young people and independent artists with a venue to exhibit their work in front of a larger audience in an effort to support handcrafted goods and culture. In an endeavour to recreate a long-gone civilisation, the centre documents, maps, and preserves oral, local, and prehistoric arts.

Purchase at Fancy Bazaar

As part of one’s journey, one must make a stop to this well-known market area in Guwahati. The perfect spot to shop is Fancy Bazaar in Guwahati, which has everything from high-end apparel labels to flea hawks. The most desirable locations for shopping are the imprinted shops and beetle markets. When one starts to feel hungry, one should eat wonderful treats from the eateries that are located along the road. Consider negotiating as much as you can to save money. Between the hours of 10 in the morning and 9 at night, travellers can enjoy shopping.

Visit Manas National Park to Enjoy Bird Watching

A place that has plenty of wildlife-related thrills is one where both attractions both created by nature and by humans come together. Tourists can now access it as a place of unadulterated preservation of natural beauty to encourage regional ecotourism in the area. When in this stunning setting, the natural world is in perfect condition, and you have the chance to feel joy, amusement, and excitement. The natural, spiritual beauty of this forest already exists; it doesn’t require any maintenance. The improvement of the different mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and Your ultimate goal is to find uncommon plant species that are dispersed throughout the forest. The Park is home to five hundred different bird species, the majority of which are Bengal Florican birds, which are uncommon in India. December’s opening week through the end of October and the middle of March are the busiest times. April often sees a spike in activity. There are dining options in the Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society campgrounds. All meals are offered with native cuisine. In the local cuisine, rice and vibrant green vegetables are staples. Fish, pork, and fowl are typically found because the Bodos customarily eat meat. Make sure to try “Zu Mai,” a rice-derived wine, which is the Bodos’ favoured libation, if you go. The house stays provided by the flora sector provide delicious food at a reasonable cost as well.

Sailing on the Brahmaputra River

While in Guwahati, one must engage on this great journey. River cruising is among the top things to do in Guwahati, not only for couples, but for all people. Nothing could be more enjoyable than going on a cruise, regardless of being for a romantic sunset on the river or a candlelit lunch. Cruise line The Alfresco Grand has a good reputation. On a recently anticipated dinner cruise that ends from 8 pm to 10 pm at night, one may now take pleasure in a brief live musical performance and mouth watering cuisine. Or, one can take the relaxing Sunset Cruise every evening from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. if they like to watch the sun go down. Additional alternatives for travellers include the Lunch Cruise, which runs from noon to two thirty, the Sunset Cruise, which runs from four thirty to five, and the Dinner Cruise, which was already mentioned.

Visit Pandu

Paltan Bazaar is the neighbourhood’s closest train station, and Guwahati Airport is the neighbourhood’s closest airport. Pandu is a neighbourhood in Guwahati. Its location on the Tilla Hills of the neighbourhood is known as the Pandunath Temple. It is located north of the neighbourhood of Maligaon and faces the Brahmaputra River to the north. It is an important centre for river transportation services and has a port that is run by Indian port authorities because of its beautiful setting alongside the Brahmaputra River. Named after Maharaja Pandu, a character from the Mahabharata, Pandu Nagari is a breathtaking location in Guwahati. Maharaja Pandu, one of the five Pandavas, was their father. Guwahati and Kamakhya Junction are the closest railroad stations to the metropolitan regions of Pandu, Guwahati, and Kamrup. This area is well-known for holding the Pandunath Temple on the city’s Tila Hills. The five Ganesha sculptures congregate here, pulling the five Pandavas along with them. Legend has it that while in exile as Ganesha, the five brothers took sanctuary here.

Get a Thrilling Experience at Accoland

The country’s North East is home to Accoland, a major water park that opened in Guwahati. Another tourist destination in the North East where people can have leisurely fun and enjoyment is Accoland. It is flanked by the gorgeous tea estates and undulating hills of Assam. The building was intended to have the look of an enchanted red-stone castle from the outside, which instantly makes you feel like playing some lively sports. Whether you choose to ride the enormous “Skytrain,” take a bumpy voyage on the Pirate Ship, continuously navigate the vortex maze, sit in the centre of a fictional simulation called Cine Magic, or participate in the Multi-Lane Racers, Accoland will make your heart beat. Several extra costs for “improved pleasure” as opposed to the vast majority, which are free to ride. Kids under the age of eight will find a tonne of entertaining activities at the theme park. The Caterpillar, Rocking Rola, Baby Train, and Merry Go Round are among the gentler, slower rides that are good for young children in your family. A tour to Accoland is the ideal setting for a reviving family adventure that will bring everyone closer together and provide a treasure trove of wonderful memories to cherish forever.

Fun at Dreamland Amusement Park

In Guwahati’s lowlands, close to Swadesh Nagar Path, the theme park is a well-liked vacation destination for entertainment. Guwahati’s assortment of theme parks benefit from the lingering attraction of Dreamland. At Dreamland Amusement Park, it will be impossible to remain still when you may ride a slide that drops from great heights or participate in a rain dance that will keep you dancing all night. Utilise the snow park, karts, 7D Theater, bungee jumping, and other attractions. For even more exhilarating rides, try the Octopus Ride, Disco Coaster, Rolling Tower, and others. Given the variety of entertainment and activities it provides, Dreamland Amusement Park is a fantastic place to spend some time with the family. Here, you have the opportunity to experience exhilarating rides that are ideal for both adults and kids. Escape to an exotic refuge in this tropical getaway from your concerns and troubles. Visit Guwahati’s Dreamland Amusement Park to let all of your stress melt away. If you don’t follow some fundamental safety rules, amusement parks could turn into dangerously engaging activities. There is no need to worry, though, as the Dreamland Amusement Park is flanked by a few pharmacies that provide basic first aid. The best time to visit Dreamland Amusement Park is during these months. It is a good time of year to visit the park due to the region’s humid subtropical climate. You can take part in the Bihu festival at this time, which is an additional benefit.

At Cafe Hendrix, enjoy Jive Blues

If you adore music and want to spend your evenings relaxing to lovely music and electric blues, the Cafe Hendrix is a good place to visit. It is a renowned blues café in Guwahati that showcases top-tier performers from North Eastern India. Cafe Hendrix is a great place to experience Guwahati’s excellent and exciting nightlife. The food and music at this restaurant will not disappoint you in the least. Try their amazing chicken fingers, pig fries, and smoked pork; you won’t regret it. It costs INR 1,200 to eat out for two people. For two people, a meal will cost you INR 1,200. Travellers may have the greatest of experiences from 1 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. since the timings are so perfectly designed to let the music reach them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Things to do in Guwahati

1. Which season of the year is best for a vacation to Guwahati?

The best time to visit Guwahati is from October to April. Given that the weather is so beautiful during these months, this is the ideal time to go navigation and on other excursions. Depending on the visitor’s choices, Guwahati can be visited because of its nearly year-round pleasant weather.

2. Which places in Guwahati are the most popular among tourists?

Guwahati has a lot of well-known attractions, but the most popular ones are:
Kaziranga National Park
Planetarium in Guwahati
River Brahmaputra
Kamakhya Temple

3. How to travel to Guwahati?

Excellent rail, road, and air connections connect Guwahati to a number of Indian cities. Guwahati Railway Station is barely five kilometres from the city’s centre, however Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, popularly known as Guwahati Airport, is about 25 kilometres away from the major metropolis.

4. What has made Guwahati famous?

Guwahati is one of the most charming tourist places in India where you may enjoy the tranquillity of nature at its most sublime. You will be fascinated by a tonne of temples and pilgrimage sites as well. The town is recognised for both its pristine surroundings and exciting excursions.

5. What products can one buy in Guwahati?

If you want to shop in Guwahati, you have a wide range of possibilities. Some of the most distinctive souvenirs are available in the city, such as tea leaves, silk products (Assam silk is well-known), handcrafted goods, singing dishes, pickles, and a wide range of other goods. There are many different stores to pick from in Guwahati.

6. What sort of nighttime activities are permitted in Guwahati?

There are numerous evening and midnight activities available in Guwahati. Here are several examples:
Visit well-known nightclubs
The Saraighat Bridge should be crossed.
Go sailing at dusk.
Enjoy the shopping at Fancy Bazaar
Indulge in traditional meals at the greatest restaurants.

7. What type of food is commonly found in Kaziranga National Park?

The resorts, lodges, and hotels in this region offer great service for all guest needs, making them the most practical options for dining. There aren’t many more local eateries or dhabas from which to pick. Among the local Assamese cuisines you can enjoy are Laksa, Khar, Tenga, as well as various fish specialties and rice meals. Along with this, Kaziranga serves well-known selections from a standard Indian menu.

8. What are a handful of Guwahati’s well-known candies?

One of the Kiranshree Sweet & Snacks employees said, “This time, we are prepping and stockpiling. Starting with laddoos, barfis, shrikhand, and halwas, some other items like mawa kachori, moti pak, and sohan papdi are some specialties.

9. What are some must-try Guwahati specialties for visitors?

Make sure to try these regional dishes if you visit Guwahati:
Jhal Muri

10. Is it safe to travel to Guwahati following Covid?

You can travel to Guwahati without worrying about Covid because there aren’t many active cases there. It is recommended to get all required shots prior to booking any travel. Also, make sure you abide by all relevant governmental requirements.

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