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Guwahati To Shillong- A Complete Travel Guide

A complete Travel Guide for the person who want to travel from Guwahati to Shillong

Want to spend your vacation amidst the mountains and cool climate? Then definitely a tour to this beautiful creation of nature is a must. Shillong with its panoramic landscapes is very well known among nature lovers and tourists from all around the world. This wonderful place offers a variety of options to tour depending on your taste; it has those thick woods where you can trek in and bond with the trees or run on the high grassy mountains and feel the fresh air. Coming to Shillong and spending time with your loved ones will definitely make this holiday a memorable one. Myriad of mesmerising waterfalls all around, numerous mountains and captivating lakes, this heaven on earth like place is a treat to the soul of all visitors. Also for those adventure admirers and those who want to fresh up their minds from the hustle and bustle of the busy cities, travelling to Shillong will be a gorgeous experience for them. Some of the significant places in Shillong such as the Umiam Lake, Cherrapunji, Dawki, Elephant Falls will keep you engaged for days.

Distance from Guwahati to Shillong

Guwahati to Shillong distance is approximately 97.7 km. which takes about 3hours to reach from small cabs. And in case of taking full pleasure of ride taking photoshoot or refreshment on your desired location will take additional time depending on how much time you spend on particular location.

How to reach from Guwahati to Shillong

1.By Air
As there is no direct flight between Guwahati and Shillong In case if you want to travel by Air, you can use helicopter service from Guwahati to reach shillong which takes about 30 minutes to travel and at the cost of about rupees 1500/- per head. which is available from 9:30PM-1:30PM
2. By Road
Buses – As there is very limited bus service from Guwahati to Shillong and you will not get buses at your desired time, In order to catch bus from Guwahati to Shillong you have to reach early morning at ASTC Bus counter near Guwahati Railway station, to book your seat
Cabs – The most common and convenient way to get into this amazing land of lakes and precious waterfalls is through the share taxi which you can find in ample in Guwahati city, or you can even book Guwahati to Shillong taxi service which can be booked online. If you are more than three person booking the full cab is the best option The advantage of booking the full cab is that you do not have to wait longer and you can stop the cabs for photoshoot or enjoying refreshment at your favourite restaurants
3. Train
Due to its highlands and mountainous regions, Shillong doesn’t have a railway station to connect it with the other states of India. Guwahati is the nearest railway station from Shillong which is the distance of about 100km

Places to visit on the way from Guwahati to Shillong

Umiam Lake – Covering an area of about 220 sq km, this beautiful artificial lake is also recognised as barapani. This majestic water body is situated in Meghalaya which can be seen while travelling from Guwahati to Shillong. The big green pines and the Sylvan Hills surrounding the lake adds more to its beauty. There are many water sports available here for the tourists such as kayaking, water cycling, boating etc. Therefore people equate this place because of its pristine beauty to the astounding lakes of Scoltland.
Lum Nehru Park – Located about 15 km away from Shillong, close by the Orchid Lake in Umiam, this is the best place to visit for family or the loved ones. The name of the park is after our former Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. This wonderful park is not only ideal for children and picnic spots but also it is a store house of the beautiful and colourful orchids, aviary and sprawling lawns. The huge and green pine trees surrounding the entire park adds more to the beauty of the astounding park. The sunset and sunrise from the park is a treat to the soul and should definitely be watched.
Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary, Shangbangla –  Located in the Ri – Bhoi, District of Meghalaya, this pristine  wildlife sanctuary is spread to an area of about 29 sq km. This  wildlife sanctuary is home to various rare species such as reptiles, animals,  birds and different varieties of fauna.
Sohliya – The Strawberry Village – It is a small hamlet in the prolific green hills of Ri -Bhoi district of Meghalaya. In not less than a decade, this small village has developed so much especially in the field of horticulture and became the originator of Meghalaya’s strawberry revolution. The government here played a very important role in upbringing this not so well known village to such heights that it has given Meghalaya the fame of being one of the largest producers of strawberries in the country. Visiting this place, full of strawberry plantations all around is a bliss.

Beautiful Seasons of Shillong

Summer Season – Summer season in Shillong extends from the month of March to June. The summer season in Shillong is very pleasant with a minimal temperature and gives a soothing vibe. The landscapes and the beautiful scenery are so mesmerizing during this time and blows your mind. Tourists from all around come to visit this pristine place and enjoy the ideal weather. In fact there are some particular events during this time that people love to enjoy such as the Shad Suk Mynsiem and the Thanksgiving ceremony.
Monsoon Season– Monsoon Season in Shillong starts from the month of July and lasts till September. The weather at this time is  quite cool and the surrounding is all green and fresh and the air refreshes all the visitors. Meghalaya witnesses very heavy downpour most often and therefore is an ideal time for adventurers to indulge themselves in several water and other sports. Though sometimes because of the heavy rainfall you may face little problem in sightseeing at certain sites but otherwise it’s very soothing.
Winter Season – From October to March, one can enjoy the blessed winter in Shillong. During these months the weather is so chilly and cold and the temperature at times drops down to even 9 or 12 degree. Also a huge number of tourists, especially the newly weds throng to this place during the winter time to enjoy the cold. The number of festivals that take place during this time also attracts a large number of travellers. The scenic beauty and the picturesque cold pines look so aesthetic to the eyes of the viewers. 
Spring Season – Spring in Shillong generally starts from March and April. This beautiful time is a must for the locals of Shillong after the heavy and cold winters. Spring in Shillong is very pleasant even though a bit cool at times and one needs to always carry a light jacket or shrug in hand if needed. Also some days you may experience light pouring down in this season. Because of the high altitudes Meghalaya is always pleasant and offers peace to the travellers from other parts of India who want to save themselves from the scorching heat of the sun.

Best time to visit Shillong

Shillong is ideal to visit at any time of the year. But visiting Shillong during the summer will be a good decision as the maximum temperature of Shillong during Summer may reach 27 – 30. Since this temperature is an average temperature for all, visiting and roaming this majestic place will be very pleasant.

Route maps leading to Shillong from Guwahati

Since there are no direct flights, trains or buses that lead to Shillong from Guwahati, using private cars or booked cabs to reach Shillong is the most convenient way. The distance of Guwahati to Shillong is 110 km via NH40 and takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. In fact the timing to reach Shillong may vary according to the traffic conditions and the road conditions as well.

Travelling tips for Guwahati to Shillong

Given below are some points that you should keep in mind while travelling to Shillong.

  • When visiting Shillong make sure that the car that you are travelling with is recently serviced and well maintained. 
  • Keep the vehicle always with you while travelling to Shillong as the transportation means may not always be in favour. 
  • Be careful while driving to hilly areas in Shillong and also in the outskirts of Shillong as the roads are most often slippery.
  • It is best recommended to hire a tour guide who can help you to visit the different places in Meghalaya that you may not be knowing. 
  • Always carry your id proofs with you such as Adhaar card or pan card etc for it may be required during various entries as well as for reservations.
  • Shillong can be used as the centre for travelling to different places as you can find multiple fooding and lodging facilities here.
  • Because of the pandemic the timings in certain places are changed or may be prohibited so consulting the tour guide is very important.

Things to carry during the trip from Guwahati to Shillong.

Mentioned here are some of the tips you should follow while travelling from Guwahati to Shillong. 

  • It is advised to carry your clothes according to the season. 
  • During summers you may carry light cotton clothes but since Meghalaya is a hilly region so always carry a light sweater or shrug in case the temperature goes down.  
  • In winters carry more of the woollen clothes and jackets to keep yourself warm as the climate here decreases to 2 degree at times.
  • During the monsoon season you are advised to carry some extra pairs of clothes because you may witness continuous pouring and your clothes may not dry. Also carry raincoats, umbrella or gum boots to protect you from the rain. 
  • Always carry a first aid box with you wherever you go because there are certain places in the outskirts of Shillong where you may not find anything in case of emergency. 
  • One must always carry some travel requisites like cameras, trekking kits etc.
  • Tourists travelling to Shillong are always recommended to carry lights and cash in hand as there are many small vendors all around the place that may not accept the card.

Best Stays in Shillong for a perfect stay

HotelsContact noAddress
The Golf Retreat Shillong060331 48840Golf Link – Marwroh, Mawpun, Shillong, Meghalaya 793001
Pinewood Hotel0364 222 3116HVGQ+8V6, European Ward, Rita Road, Shillong, Meghalaya 793001
Treebo Trend Omega Stay Inn93228001007th Mile, Upper Shillong, Shillong
Tripura Castle8250791461Cleve Colony, Tripura Castle Road, Shillong, Meghalaya 793003
Hotel Sapphire0364 250 4949HVFM+V2J, Keating Rd, Secretariat Hills, Shillong, Meghalaya 793001
Banalari Pine Inn060097 36196Lower Cleve colony Near St.peter’s School, Dhankheti, Shillong, Meghalaya 793003
The Loft Executive Inn0364 250 7546Lower New Colony, Near NEEPCO (North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited), Laitumkhrah, Shillong, Meghalaya
Hotel Lake View Inn0364 221 0128Opp State Bank of India,
Hotel Abode ShillongKeating Rd, above Royal Enfield Showroom, Secretariat Hills, Shillong, Meghalaya 793001

Best Stays in Guwahati

HotelsContact noAddress
Club Nirvana080110 18180Kumarkuchi, opposite Spring Valley Resort, Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam 782402
Brahmaputra Jungle Resort097060 99482Near Laxmi Bai Institute of Physical Education, Tapesia, Kamarkuchi, Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam 782402
The Greenwood Resort092070 42326GS Rd, Madhab Nagar, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam 781022
Kiranshree Grand0361 284 0900New Airport Rd, Mirzapur, Azara, Guwahati, Assam
The Ornate090855 66666Doctor B Borooah Road Opp. Nehru Stadium, Guwahati, Assam 781008
Vishwaratna Hotel099541 90004A. T. Road, Tokobari Rd, opp. MS Road, Guwahati, Assam 781001
Hi City InnGarchuk Chariali, Dhirenpara, Guwahati, Assam 781035
Magnolia Inn060031 294622, Mulagabharu Path, Hatigaon Main Road, Secretariat Rd, near Assam State, Guwahati, Assam 781006

Places to eat in Shillong

City Hut Family Dhaba– Oakland Road Early Holiday Home, Shillong, Meghalaya.
Cafe Shillong– LP Building Niit Building main road Laitumukhrah.
Dejavu– Police Point Laitumkhrah 3rd floor Branto Complex.
Jiva Veg– GS Road above Barbeque Chinese Restaurant.

Places to eat in Guwahati

Confucius : Chinese and Thai Restaurant– Shankar Complex, GS Rd, opp. Reliance Trends, Ananda Nagar, Christian Basti, Guwahati, Assam 781005.
Gam’s Delicacy Restaurant– Krishna Market, GS Rd, GMC Ward Number 44, Ganeshguri, Guwahati, Assam 781006.
Barbeque Nation Guwahati– Adityam Building 2nd floor, GS Road Ulubari, Guwahati.
Kalita Spectrum– Bus stop , Gs road, Rukmini gaon, Guwahati, Assam.
Mocha Restaurant– 2 shop no, Ground anil Plaza, 1 , GS road Guwahati.
Spice Route– Divine plaza , GS road , Guwahati

Places to eat in the way from Guwahati to Shillong

Subway– 1st floor, 556, Guwahati Shillong Rd, Christian Basti.
Jiva Veg– VFG+CG, GS rd, Nongpoh, Meghalaya.
Hunger Games– GS Rd., Ananda Nagar, Christian Basti, Guwahati.

Beautiful places to visit in Shillong

Elephant Falls

At a distance of approximately about 12.20 km from Shillong, this astonishing waterfall is one of the major attractions in Meghalaya. It takes almost half an hour by car to reach. This two tiered waterfall is surrounded by beautiful greenery all around which adds more to the pristine beauty. Looking at the waterfall with your loved ones is very satisfying and pleasant . This place is also very well known among the tourists for the picnic spots and trekking etc.

Don Bosco Museum

Don Bosco Museum also known as the Don Bosco Centre of Indigenous Cultures is located in Mawlai and not very far from the centre of the city, police bazaar. This marvellous museum is worth a visit. This place is very much loved by not only the locals but also the travellers and renowned people who know the value of art. Many competitions are also organised  here such as music, paintings and many more. This prestigious place can definitely be called as one of the best museums in India.

Shillong Peak and View Point

Located at a distance of approximately 9 km this place is the highest point in Shillong. It has a height of 1962 m above the sea level and it is said that this picturesque hill station got its name Shillong from this place.  Standing here one can get the view of the entire city, the waterfalls, the beautiful green surroundings and the Bangladesh Plains as well. Due to its height this place is mostly covered with fog and one may miss the panoramic view because of it. So travelling here at the correct point of time so that you are able to see the clear view is very important. This place is also under security services as the radar station of the Indian Air Force is placed here. It is required to surrender your cameras here for the security purposes.

Laitlum Canyon

This place is the best place for travellers who come to Shillong for its lush greenery and picturesque mountains. Located about 22 km from the city, this place is a sight to behold. The name Laitlum Canyons actually means the end of the hills or end of the world. Having about 3000 or more steps in the sideway of the mountain is the only route for the locals of the village and the local market. The adventurers love to visit this place for its panoramic view and breathtaking mountains. Because of its high altitude this place is best to visit in the afternoon as in the mornings this place is usually covered with fog and mist.

Police Bazar

Police Bazar is the main shopping destination for the tourists as well as for the local people of Shillong. This area is perfectly carved out in the city with a beautiful fountain-like thing in the center and 7 rods aligning it. The market area includes the local handicrafts to the big brand stores and is the major attraction for the visitors in Shillong. The roads are lined with small hub like stores with varieties of ethnic products as well as the trendy stuff. In Fact the vendors here are very polite and have very good command in the common languages like Hindi, English, Khasi and Bengali. So travelling there coming from different states will definitely not be a problem. Most of the roads do not allow vehicles so it is the best place for roadside stalls of varieties of delicious food and many more. Hence if you are a visitor then booking a hotel in Police Bazar and staying there will be worth it.

Ward’s Lake

This panoramic beauty is located in the heart of the city and is loved by all the visitors not only the locals but also the travellers from all over. This lake is also known as Pollock’s Lake and is about a hundred years old. This beautiful lake is surrounded by lush green gardens and big pines that are solely known to be found here. The main attraction of this lake is the wooden bridge that joins the two parts of the Lake together. The water here is also a home to a number of fishes and the visitors can buy food from the counters and feed them and pleasantly enjoy them inside the cold waters. Also boating is available in this area and you can hire boats according to your capacity and enjoy the ride.

Mawphlang sacred forest

This is also one of the distinctive places of Shillong surrounded by lush greenery stretching out of meadows at the larger area of the forest. This place it will give you an wonderful hours of trekking experience in densely forest, and also give you the wonderful experience of breathing in completely fresh air which you have never or hardly experienced in your life. Khasi people consider this place is very sacred and many religious sentiment is linked with the forest from Monoliths to Trees even plants, That’s why visitors are not allowed to harm the sacredness of the forest by plucking of flowers and the plants.


Cherrapunji or Sohra is one of the most important and famous tourist destinations for the visitors of Sillong, Meghalaya. Its distance is approximately 55 km from the capital, Shillong. People from all around come to witness the lavishing mountains of this region, the beautiful tall and green native pines that you can see everywhere in Meghalaya. Cherrapunjee is the home of numerous waterfalls, Caves and Parks, like, Seven Sister Waterfalls, Prutfalls, Wei Saw dong falls, Wakaba falls, etc and also the home natural caves, like Arwah Caves, Mawsamai Caves, etc ,Thangkrang Park, Eco-Park, etc.


Dawki is one of the famous Tourists and commercial spots of Meghalaya, and the distance from Shillong to Dawki is about 82.KM. Dawki border town of Bangladesh The main attraction of the Dawki is Umngot River, the water here in this river is so clean and fresh that one can see the fishes and stones inside the water from above. The panoramic view of the village along with the river is definitely something everyone longs. Tourist by and large from Bangladesh as well and other parts India visited to watch the panaromic view of clear crystal river and the beautiful plains of Bangladesh, and boating on the Umngot River will give you the feeling of mesmerizing.


Shnongpdeng is Located about 8 km from Dawki, and about 88 km from Shillong Shnongpdeng is a small village in Dawki region. This area is famous for night camping in the riverside of Umngot. The beautiful view of the village along with the river is definitely something everyone longs for. If you are a night lover and want to spend the night in complete in natural way then this place is for you. besides camping other adventrous activities can also be performed here such as caving, Kayaking,etc.

Beautiful places to visit in Guwahati

Pobitora National Park

Located about 48 km away from Guwahati, this National Park is situated in the Morigaon district of Assam. One needs to pass through the road by river Brahmaputra and a hamlet named Mayong. This park is famous for the dense population of the Great Indian one – horned rhinoceros. Not only this animal but it is also  home to other endangered animals like leopard, wild bear, wild buffalo, barking deer etc. this park got the title of wildlife sanctuary in 1987. It is also a stay for various reptiles and more than 2000 migratory birds. The area this sanctuary covers is about 38.80 sq. km but you can find the one horned rhinoceros only in the small area of about 16 sq km.

Fancy Bazar

This bazar is situated in the heart of the Guwahati city about at a distance of 1 km from Guwahati Railway Station. This marketing place is a very old one and always loved by the locals as well as the tourists visiting for it’s not so expensive but quality products. The market is spread over a huge area. You can find anything and everything from safety pins to big gadgets, from small t-shirts to big and classic ethnic wears and sarees, bicycles etc. this market is also locally known as Phassi bazar and is definitely a true shopping paradise for all. Fancy Bazar is generally very much crowded during the evenings and especially on fridays and saturdays. Even after the introduction of big brands and shopping malls in Guwahati, this place didn’t lose its charm. Not only for the clothes or gadgets, this place is widely loved by the locals because of the mouth watering food stalls inside the market like pani puri, rolls, paranthas and lots more.

Saraighat Bridge

The Saraighat Bridge is a road bridge cum railroad over the mighty Brhmaputra river in Assam. This majestic bridge is known to be built between 1959 to 1962 by the Hindustan Construction Company. The length extends to about 1492 m ( 4895 feet). Actually it is the first of its type to be constructed in Assam. This bridge has its own starmark as it is known to connect northeast with the other parts of the country. Also a new Saraighat Bridge is constructed by the side of the old one and is said to be a few m more in length.

Shrimanta Shankardeva Kalakshetra

Located in the Panjabari area of Guwahati, this ancient cultural institution is the best place to visit for artists as well as those who love art. This place is a house to various co curricular activities and has various different sections like library, museum, places for competitions of different stuff, children’s park and many more. This museum is actually the largest cultural museum in the entire Northeast. Not only the locals visit this place for their pleasure and to demonstrate their art but it is also very much loved by the tourists all around. This institute got its name from the renowned artists and idol of many people Srimanta Sankardeva. You will not regret this marvellous house of art and culture. In fact one will enjoy the dance performances and singing competitions that are held most often in the premises.

Guwahati Planetarium

The Guwahati Planetarium is the only planetarium in the whole Northeast and assam. It was built in the year 1994 to promote astronomical research and education among the young minds. The major attraction of this place is the shows on the night skies that are screened in the projectors which are available both in Assamese the regional language as well as in English. The visitors throng to this place mainly because of the night sky watching sessions. Not only this place is popular for the daily activities that it organises but also the monthly seminars, workshops, quizzes, outdoor viewing facilities at the time of eclipses and many exciting things.

Assam State Museum

Also known as the Assam Rajyik State Museum, is located in the heart of the city Guwahati.  It is said to be one of the most famous museums in Northeast India that gives the visitors a taste of Assam’s rich culture and heritage. The advantage of this museum is that it is located in the city so visitors without any ease can directly visit this place. It is said to be established by the Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti, Assam Research society to showcase the people the beauty of their nation. This museum has beautiful sculptures, the age-old handicrafts which are probably of the 5th -12th century  and many more.

Chandubi Lake

This fascinating water body created by the earthquake naturally is located  in the foot of garo hills about 56 km from the state of Guwahati in Assam,  adjoining the state of Meghalaya. The surrounding is so peaceful and astounding, the tea gardens all around, hamlets and many more. This lake is not so much known among the travellers and is therefore so clear and blue that it soothes the viewers mind. This place is also rich in flora and fauna and is known to be spread in about 2000 hectares.

Dipor Bil

Located about 18 km southwest of Guwahati  in the Kamrup district of Assam. Dipor Bil is actually a freshwater lake in the channel of Brahmaputra. Dipor Bil is not only because of its freshwater system but also this place has been recognized as the bird sanctuary in 1989 because of its huge variety of exoric and beautiful bird species. This pristine natural phenomena is a treat to the eyes, the astounding greenery all around and the water system adds more to the beauty.  The best time to visit this place is during winters as you will experience a pleasant climate and also get to see the wide variety of hibernating birds coming from the different parts of the earth.

Maati Centre

Situated in the Uzan Bazar of Guwahati, this is an extraordinary piece of art by the former employee of world bank, Pabitra Lama and her husband Rishi Raj Sarmah. The objective to establish such a commendable beauty was to promote handcrafts and young talents that don’t get the opportunity to showcase their talent. This place protects the age-old stuff like the old maps, handcrafted items, documents etc. this centre in recent years has developed as a wonderful blend of modern minds with indigenous items.

Nehru Park

Named after our former Prime Minister of India, this beautiful and extraordinary  park is located in the city opposite to Cotton College in Panbazar Guwahati.  The area is covered with a variety of plantations all around this mesmerising creations by humans is a real gem. The main attraction of this overwhelming beauty is the 45 sculptures placed inside the park that depict the different dance forms of the state. Not only this, this place is also boosted with huge lush green lawns, with open theatres, rock gardens etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the approximate distance  between Guwahati to Shillong?

The distance from Guwahati to Shillong is almost 97.7 km.

2. How can I go from Guwahati airport to Shillong?

You can directly hire Guwahati to Shillong cabs from the airport or you can choose Guwahti to shillong Share taxi which is available outside Airport.

3. How much time is needed to reach Shillong from Guwahati?

It generally takes 3 hours to reach from Guwahati to Shillong taxis. It could take longer than 3 hours and also  under 3 hours, depending on traffic conditions and also the amount of time you are spending on photography or relaxing at the mid-way point between Guwahati and Shillong.

4. Which is the best season to visit Shillong?

Shillong can be visited any month during the year, each months has its own significance to visit Shillong.

5. Is the journey from Guwahati to Shillong safe?

Yes, of course travelling from Guwahati to Shillong is very safe and the roads are also well maintained.

6. Are buses available from Guwahati to Shillong?

Very less bus available from Guwahati to Shillong, also you will not get bus at your desired time in order yo catch Guwahti to Shillong Bus you have to enquire about the bus service one day prior to travelling, Many time bus got cancelled because of less passenger board on bus to travel.

7. How can I visit  Dawki from Guwahati to Shillong?

The best option is to hire Guwahati to Dawki Cabs ,which is convenient  way to reach Dawki from Guwahati, and there is very less chance that you will get shared cabs from Guwahati, even if you get the taxi you will miss many on way tourist spot and also you miss the photoshoot of your favourite place and also enjoying refreshment at the favourite restaurant.

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