Nongjrong Shillong

Things to do in Shillong

Things to do in Shillong

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is a lovely city surrounded by pine trees. Its name comes from the Shillong Peak idol Lei Shyllong, which is idolized there. This hill station, which rises to a height of 1496 metres, is renowned for its climate, gorgeous surroundings, and culture. The “Scotland of the East” is another name for this location. The Khyrim, Mylliem, Maharam, Mallaisohmat, Bhowal, and Langrim tribes all have descendants today.
The Meghalayan state capital, Shillong, is home to a lot of waterfalls. The captivating mountain peaks, sparkling lakes, stunningly gorgeous golf courses, cafes, and museums are the main draws for tourists to Shillong. In addition to its natural beauty, Shillong opens doors to Meghalaya, a state known for its caving, largest waterfalls, heavy rainfalls, and great people and culture. Particularly Shillong has received attention for its lively residents and their way of life. Shillong is an interesting city with a very westernised culture and a youthful vibe. Due to the fact that it has produced so many well-known musicians, Shillong is also known as the music capital of India. It is a very lively location with numerous music events ongoing throughout the year.

Things to do in Shillong

Shillong have many things to offer to the visitors and some of them are given below:

Umiam Lake

This lake is yet another stunning location in Meghalaya that has evolved into the state’s playground. There are magnificent houseboats in the lake, peaceful surroundings, joyful bird sounds, a cool breeze, and all of these things. Without a doubt, this is among the nicest picnic spots in Meghalaya. You can enjoy your holiday by enjoying such scenic beauty at this place. 
From boating to camping, this scenic beauty around makes your tour worth remebering.  In this place you can enjoy thrilling-packed activities like zip-lining, joomering, rock climbing, rappelling, and many more. You can witness the trees that lived the history and lush green spectacular beauty.

Elephant Falls

This mesmerising and stunning waterfall, which is close to Shillong Peak, lets you admire the beauty of nature. This is a lovely place to spend some time and photograph the breathtaking scenery. This waterfall has entrancing natural beauty and appears to be the size of a large elephant. You can take a cool break in the lush forest there, where you’ll be treated to a beautiful scene that you’ll treasure forever.
You may enjoy a quick hike to the top of this three-step waterfall. One of the best things to do in Meghalaya is to enjoy short treks and photography. Every step you take on your journey gives you something special. The first fall is wide and hidden by forests, while the second fall provides you with some picturesque surroundings. However, the third one is the tallest and most well-known one, allowing you to see all the splendour with your own eyes.
The local Khasi people referred to the magnificent Elephant Falls as “Ka Kshaid Lai Patang Khohsiew,” which means “The Three Step Waterfalls,” since they are composed of three magnificent falls that proceed one after the other. The first of the three waterfalls are wide and concealed by tall trees.
Due to the decreasing water levels, the succeeding fall diminishes to thin strands of water and is essentially negligible in the winter. The third waterfall is the tallest and most easily seen with the unaided eye. In the background, clean water can be seen gushing like a sheet of milk and slamming against rocks. One of the most popular sites to visit close to Shillong is this waterfall because of its spectacular surroundings and picturesque vistas.

Laitkor Peak, Shillong View Point

Shillong Viewpoint should be on every traveler’s list.  Shillong View Point offers you the nicest views of Shillong city, as you may already be aware if you’ve been to Meghalaya before. This location provides visitors with a panoramic view of the city. Bhutan and Bangladesh are the closest neighbours. Travelers, if you’re travelling to Meghalaya to photograph its natural beauty, please come to this location.

Ward’s Lake

Definitely ward’s lake is the paradise in Meghalaya.  The finest thing about its captivating natural beauty is that weekends may be spent here. You must definitely visit Ward’s lake if you’re travelling with your significant other to go on your honeymoon or to mark your anniversary. You may get to a number of cafeterias and get refreshments and drinks by walking. A lovely garden with flowerbeds and cobblestone walkways surrounds the lake. Additionally, there is a breathtakingly beautiful fountain, allowing you to take in the area’s supreme natural beauty while strolling.

Museum of Don Bosco

In addition to housing objects related to the local culture, the Don Bosco Museum in Meghalaya also hosts exhibits. A research, publication, newsletter, and calendar of cultural events are all produced by this institution. Various cultures are discussed in the museum together with the local aristocracy.
Take a day out and take in the contests hosted here for musicians, authors, and lyricists if you wish to learn about the native culture of North East India. A seven-story building, the museum is situated in Mawlai. Additionally, Shillong, Meghalaya, is proud of the building’s design. To raise public understanding of the North East Indian region’s distinctive culture, the museum was founded.
One significant cultural hub, not only in Meghalaya but in the entire north east, is the ancient Don Bosco Museum. This hexagonal-shaped museum is one of the greatest in the region’s north east. The seven floors of the museum correspond to the seven north-eastern states. You can get a peek of the seven north-eastern Indian states’ rich culture, history, art, and heritage at this museum. The museum is home to a wonderful collection of artwork, sculptures, and artefacts. The museum also has a meeting room, a media room, and a sizable cultural library. This is the ideal location to learn about the seven northern sister states.

Laitlum Canyon Hiking

The Meghalayan hills’ Laitlum Canyon makes for an amazing trekking route. Probably one of the best journeys for trekking in the entire north east is this one. Despite being small, this journey isn’t among the easiest because of the challenging terrain and surroundings. The hike is filled with breathtakingly beautiful vistas, but the ones from the peak are particularly stunning and immensely satisfying. Tourists adore this adventure because the walk only takes 4 to 5 hours to complete. This wonderful walk offers breath-taking views of the sundown and daybreak.

Biosphere of Nokrek

On the Tura Range, in the northeast of India, is where you’ll find the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve. With a height of 1,412 metres, Nokrek is the Garo hills’ highest mountain. While the south of the reserve is characterised by steep slopes, the north contains sloping hills. Major rivers and streams that make up a year-round catchment system are found within the biosphere reserve. Rivers like the Ganol, Dareng, and Simsang are part of it. The Simsang is the longest and largest of them and originates in the Biosphere Reserve’s northern region.
The Brahamputra River, which provides water to several communities, receives the Ganol as it travels west from the southern hills where the Dareng originates. The highest peak in the West Garo Hills, Nokrek, is home to an abundance of unusual plants and wildlife. A highly rare kind of citrus known as Memang Narang can be found on Nokrek Hill. Its literal meaning is “orange of the spirits.” The Memang Narang is regarded as the earliest and source of all other citrus plant species in existence. The first gene sanctuary in the world has been established here in an effort to protect this endangered variety of citrus indica.
The park is around 47 sq km in size and is recognised as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The park is home to a variety of animals, including herds of wild elephants, as well as rare orchids, pythons, pangolins, hornbills, and leopards. This is where the remaining few red pandas reside. Here, it’s also possible to see bird species including hornbills, peacocks, and pheasants. The Simsang River Game Reserve, the Ronbang Dare Waterfalls, and the Nokrek Peak are further notable attractions.

The Mawlynnong Village

In addition to promoting eco-tourism, the village of Mawlynnong is referred to be the “cleanest village in Asia,” setting the bar for other Indian towns and cities. There are numerous benefits to visiting this village and taking in its greeneries adventures because it is also known as God’s Own Garden and has a 100% literacy rate. Make sure you visit soon and get to know the people there by talking to them or checking out their tribal way of life. To refresh yourself, you could also decide to visit Meghalaya’s greatest valleys and experience its untamed landscape. Along with providing you with the best views of Meghalaya’s ethereal beauty, the state of Meghalaya is home to several incredible resorts that will ensure your comfort during your visit.

Horse Riding

Shillong’s highest mountain is well known, and a vacation to the city would be lacking without climbing it. Shillong Peak offers breathtaking views of this lovely city. To make this a memorable on you can p repare for a fun horseback ride to Shillong Peak throughout your holiday. Renting a horse will allow you to travel through the city and up to this beautiful peak. By renting a horse for the day, you may tour the city in elegance and visit all the key attractions that will make you fall in love with Shillong.

Lady Hydari Park

The captivating park that bears the name of the state’s first lady is called Lady Hydari Park. It is a striking park recognised for having a Japanese aesthetic. The atmosphere you’ll experience in the garden will make your evening more lovely.
The selection of orchids and rhododendrons will charm and enchant you. You should take your kids there if you can. Enjoy the park with your children, take them to the petting zoo, and snap lots of pictures. Do some boating activities in addition to that. The park also features a small lake where your kids may keep an eye out for ducks and beautiful fish.

The All-Saints Church

One of the earliest churches in the hill station is All Saints Cathedral, which is close to Barik Point. One of the nicest things to do in Shillong is to visit this church. This church was rebuilt in 1902 after being destroyed by an earthquake in 1897. All Saints Cathedral, regarded as Shillong’s principal cathedral, is renowned for its wooden colonial-style construction. Only the Holy Bible and the baptismal font at this church survived the earthquake of 1897 unharmed.

The Bara Bazaar Market

The Bara Bazaar offers the way for you to learn more about Shillong’s native culture. This market, which is studded with a number of stalls, offers a wide range of goods for sale, including betel nuts, handicrafts, fruits, and vegetables. This is a wonderful location to start if you’re looking for things to do in Shillong because you can pick up a few souvenirs from here. One of the best things to do in Shillong at night is to visit this lively market.

Rope Climbing

East Khasi Hills, which are distinguished by their enormous rock structure, have their base at Shillong. There are many things to do in Shillong, but you absolutely must attempt rock climbing. If rock climbing is something you’re interested in, you should speak with a guide or the local rock climbing organisations to ensure your safety while scaling those enormous boulders. Wear comfortable clothing, pay attention to their recommendations, and avoid being trapped by doing so. Prior to starting your thrilling climbing session, make sure your rock climbing equipment is worn correctly.

Trail, David Scott

Trekking along the David Scott Trail is another of the best things to do in Shillong. This nearly 16 km long trip was found by David Scott and starts at Mawphlang. It takes five hours to hike this trail, which is at 4892 feet of elevation. This walk offers you the chance to see breathtaking valleys that are decorated with rushing waterfalls and tropical plants. The Khasi people and the British were at war as a result of this trail.


For all nature enthusiasts in Shillong, camping is amongst the most well-liked activities. Your entire experience will be made even more memorable by your stay in a warm camp under a starry sky and Shillong’s gorgeous hills. You can easily set up tent at the location that appeals to your eyes after making the excursion to the most well-known locations. The Mawlynnong rainforest, Khasi Hills, and Dawki are the ideal camping locations in Shillong. Do not forget to pack thick clothing for the night time chill.

Golfing at Shillong

Shillong has experienced golfing in 1898 when British civil service officers constructed a 9-hole course. The Shillong Golf Course is the ideal location if you are an avid golfer. This golf course was built in 1924 by Captain Jackson and C. and now contains 18 holes. A. K. Rhodes Because it is Asia’s largest natural golf course, Shillong Golf Course is well-known around the world. Rhododendron and pine trees line the perimeter of this magnificent golf course, which only adds to its beauty.

Weekender Nh7

A yearly music and comedy festival called Nh7 Weekender takes place in numerous Indian cities. This remarkable festival is being held in a number of cities, including Shillong. The festival is significant to the Shillong residents since they are enthusiastic rock music fans. Travelers from all over the world come to Shillong to take part in this wonderful event and spend the weekend dancing to the sounds of incredible musicians. This festival featured performances by musicians such The Contortionist, Joe Satriani, and God Is An Astronaut in 2019.


Shillong is a heaven for all shopaholics, since it is home to fantastic shopping destinations like Police Bazar and Purbashree Emporium. Shopping in Shillong is thought to be one of the most enjoyable things to do in Shillong for all shopping enthusiasts, and it will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip. Buy bamboo handicrafts at the Khasi bazaar so you can bring them home and give them to your loved ones. In order to satisfy the gourmet and shopping fan in you, you could stop by Police Bazar, which is well known for its street cuisine and warm clothing.

Journey to Sweet Falls

One of the most stunning, though unsafe waterfalls in Meghalaya is Sweet Falls, which is located in Shillong not far from Happy Valley. The waterfall’s base can hardly see the cascade as it cascades down into a fall that is extremely steep. A mesmerising sight is created by the sweeping beauty and the vibrant flowers that adorn the area around the falls.
Even if there aren’t any gates or barricades at the bottom of the fall, it is exceedingly dangerous to try to approach it because it’s likely to be slippery and could result in a tragic fall. Enter the gurgling world of the waterfall, where you can stand at the distance and take in its magnificent splendour while being lightly grazed by the water.


The perfect smile can be brought to your face and all of your stress can be released with the help of food and coffee. Visit one of Shillong’s well-known cafés to indulge in the regional cuisine while savouring the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. The most popular cafe is Cafe Shillong Heritage, which is renowned for its elegant décor, momos, and hazelnut coffee. You may satisfy your craving for dessert at the Bread Cafe in Police Bazar, which also offers top-notch baked goods.

Air Force Memorial

One can learn about the Air Force’s uniforms, fighter planes, rockets, missiles, and vintage aircraft at the Air Force Museum in Shillong. With just a small entry fee, this museum provides a fantastic opportunity to learn in-depth information about the Indian Air Force in person. Photography is also permitted within this museum. The museum offers a souvenir shop where visitors can buy keepsakes to keep as a reminder of their visit in addition to the antique items and exhibits.

Butterfly Museum

The Butterfly Museum in Shillong, also known as the Entomological Museum, is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the area. A collection of more than 100 different species of butterflies, mostly from north-eastern India. Contains a variety of different insects as well. The museum, which is located next to Christian Academy School on the Riatsamthiah Jaiaw, is home to a huge collection of colourful butterflies, moths, beetles, and other insects. Additionally, the museum raises butterflies for trade.
Wankhar, Riatsamthiah, who also organises regular programmes for the conservation of the moths and butterflies, owns and operates the Butterfly Museum. If you are travelling with kids, this is a fantastic location to check out.

Strawberry Farm at Sohliya

As it possesses ideal climatic conditions for strawberry growing, the village of Sohliya in Meghalaya’s Ribhoi district, around 30 kilometres from Shillong, has been chosen as the state’s centre for strawberry farming. The success of Sohliya village as a strawberry centre in the state has given other districts the impetus to cultivate the commodity, with East Khasi Hills leading the way by starting 2 hectares of clustered cultivation of the crop at Mawpran village, which is around 58 kilometres from Shillong. One can see the strawberry production, and during the past few years, this location has emerged as one of the State’s top strawberry producers.


Shillong’s Iewduh is a thriving market that enjoys great reputation as one of the largest and most established commercial hubs in the northeast of India. The name of this marketplace, which in local slang means “the market of common people,” is justified by the significant number of locals that frequent it. This market is unique in that the majority of the shopkeepers are women from the surrounding communities. Seasonal fruits, handicrafts, unusual spices, and veggies are just a few of the items for sale here.
This market was formerly a part of the Hima Shillong-Nongkseh capital, but it was moved to its current location later. Mylliem’s Syiem is in charge of overseeing it directly. Every April, the market comes to life with the performance of regional rites, beneath which enormous monoliths known as “mawbynnas” are set up and revered. At Khlieh Iew, the most significant and guarded part of the market, several ceremonies are performed. This ritual is performed in order to appease the deity U Blei Shyllong and to offer prayers for the improvement of the trade and economy in the area.

Rhino Heritage Museum

The Rhino Heritage Museum is devoted to army people, military equipment, including combat missiles and guns, and it is situated in Shillong’s Bara Bazaar neighbourhood. The pink rhinoceros sculpture that was erected outside the museum is where it derives its name. The Japanese army’s arsenal is on display, among other things, and is the centrepiece.
It is thought that the Japanese prisoners of war were housed in the museum’s building, which was constructed in 1928. Lt. Gen. Shokin Chauhan, the director general of the Assam Rifles, subsequently constructed and restored it. The Rhino Heritage Museum features unique exhibits and images that show off not only military relics but also aspects of the regional culture.

Spreading Eagle Falls

The Spread Eagle Falls are thought to be the broadest in all of Shillong, and they are situated in the East Khasi District, 6 kilometres from Shillong Cantonment. The dazzling waterfall is also referred to as Sati Falls or Urkaliar because it’s thought that Ka Liar accidentally fell into it. The magnificent waterfall cascades down rocky hills, rising on three sides into a huge pool of water that is perfect for travellers to sit and gaze at. The Spread Eagle Falls, so named because it resembles an eagle with its wings spread wide, is a well-liked picnic spot among the inhabitants of the area.

Forest of Malki

The Malki Forest, also known as Khlaw Malki locally, is a tranquil forest in Shillong, Meghalaya’s Malki district that is well-liked by both locals and visitors looking to escape the city and spend some time in the great outdoors. The forest is a great area to relax, exercise, and take in the local flora and fauna.
Towering trees, particularly British pine, may be seen in Malki Forest, providing shade and a covering for visitors. The forest is perfect for walking or hiking because it has a few routes and is home to a variety of vegetation, including wild flowers, mushrooms, and other species. Additionally, the woodland contains a number of little streams that run and serve as water sources. The greatest time to go is in the early morning when everything is still, the sun is just starting to peek through the trees, and you can hear the sound of birds tweeting. Although it is essential to keep the area tidy and clear of trash, one can also set up a picnic here. An excellent location for taking pictures of the outdoors.

Police Bazaar

Shillong’s main market, Police Bazar, is a well-liked destination for both locals and visitors looking to do some shopping. The Police Bazaar has a variety of restaurants, hotels, and big-brand stores, but it also has a flea market section that is more affordable and attracts the most tourists due to its traditional handicrafts shops, exquisite Meghalaya merchandise, regional apparel, junk jewellery, and other items of the like. Those who love to shop and those who want to eat crowd the vibrant market.
The best spot to rent a hotel when visiting Shillong is Police Bazaar, commonly known as Khyndailad. It is the city’s main retail district. The bazaar is a fusion of the traditional and the contemporary, the elegant and the traditional. People favour it over Bara Bazaar because of its large collection. The markets are thoughtfully organised in the shape of a sizable circle (chowk) in the centre of the police bazaar, complete with plants and trees, and seven lanes leading away from the circle to various locations across the city. Many of the streets in Police Bazaar are off-limits to vehicles, making it a great place to go for some street shopping.

The Chrysalis Gallery

This gallery is located on the second floor of Salonsar Mansion in Shillong’s main shopping district, Police Bazaar. Chrysalis offers versatile exhibition options for paintings (on canvas), sculptures, photographs, and handmade items. The gallery, which is run by a local artist named Jaya Kalra, hosts exhibitions by artists and craftspeople from all over India, but particularly from the northea

Frequently Asked Questions on Things to do in Shillong

1. Where is Shillong situated?

Shillong, the state capital of Meghalaya, is located in the state’s eastern region. It extends for roughly 6 kilometres over an elevated route and is located at an elevation of 1,520 metres (4,990 feet) above sea level. Shillong is surrounded by the hills of the Assam Valley (northeast), the Umiam Gorge (north), and the vast Diengiei Hills, making it a must-visit location for anyone who enjoy the outdoors. It is very convenient to reach the city because it is only 104 kilometres from Guwahati, 295 km from Kaziranga, 578 km from Siliguri, and 658 km from Darjeeling.

2. What exactly are Shillong’s fairs and festivals?

According to the tribes, the festivities differ. The most significant celebrations are Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, and New Year’s Day. One of the most significant Khasi celebrations is Ka Pomblang Nongkrem, or the Nongkrem dance. The Khasis also celebrate Shad Sukmynsiem, which is a significant holiday. July is when the Jaintias celebrate their festival, Behdiengkhlam. The Garos celebrate the Sun God at the festival of Wangala.

3. How Do You Get to Shillong?

The closest rail station near Shillong is Guwahati, which is about 100 kilometres away. The only major airport close by is Guwahati, whereas Shillong Airport in Umroi has connections solely to Kolkata. Regular bus services to Guwahati depart from the Shillong bus stop, which is in the heart of the city. Shillong is connected to the rest of the North-East by NH 44 and Guwahati by NH 40.
The airport in Shillong has very little connectivity, and there aren’t many planes that depart from there. Shillong’s closest international airport is in Guwahati, Assam. From there, you might drive alone or take a bus, taxi, or cab to Shillong.
The rest of India’s cities are connected to Shillong via NH 40. Most major cities have buses that travel to Shillong, both private and public.
Guwahati, Assam, is home to the closest railway station to Shillong. From there, you could either take a bus, a cab, or your own vehicle to get to Shillong.
Shillong may best be explored on foot because it is a small city. There are also shared taxis in your area.

4. What season is ideal for travelling to Shillong?

Shillong is best visited between September and May, when the weather is at its most comfortable. It does rain on occasion, but less frequently than during the monsoon season, which is between June and August. It may be difficult and uncomfortable to see the tourist attractions during the season when the area gets excessive rain. As the landscape transforms into a picturesque paradise with lush foliage, lakes, ponds, and waterfalls springing to life, the beauty of the monsoon season is at its height. So, for some, it might be a place worth visiting during the off-season.

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