Elephant Safari Booking at Kaziranga National Park

Duration: 1-2 hr


Welcome to the online booking for elephant safari in kaziranga. Here, you can book an Elephant Safari for the central zone and the western zone. All booking procedures at Kaziranga are fair as it is managed by the government of Assam through forest officials. So we cannot Change the booking process as it is not in our will.

Places Covered: Kaziranga

Activities: Elephant Safari

Tour Type: Adventure Tour

Kaziranga Elephant Safari Price
Safari Zones Price for Foreign Nationals Price for Indian Nationals Duration
Kohora (Central) Range 1,500/- person 1,500/- person 1 hr
Bagori ( Western) Range 1,500/- person 1,500/- person 1 hr
Please Note:
Elephant Safari Slots 5 AM to 6 AM and 6 AM to 7 AM are decided one day before your safari ride. Advance booking is advised for availability and confirmation.

Safari Zones in Kaziranga National Park:-

Central (Kohara) Zone:This zone is situated in the centre of the Kaziranga. Therefore, the possibility of seeing a tiger, rhinoceros, wild buffalos, deer etc is high here. It is also the most preferred zone of Kaziranga for the tourists.

Western (Bagori) Zone: This zone contains a large amount of wildlife species because of its greenery and pretty landscapes. Also due to the presence of small ponds, this zone attracts most of the animals to satisfy their thirst. Therefore, prime animals such as tigers and rhinos along with other species are easily sighted here.

Tour Highlights

  • Reach the safari gate 15 min early before the stated time
  • Experience a safari ride on the back of an elephant
  • Witness the lush greenery environment of Kaziranga
  • Explore the different wildlife in the open
  • Closely observe the tiger and rhinos of Kaziranga

Elephant Safari Booking at Kaziranga National Park Itinerary

  • After breakfast arrive at the gates of Kaziranga National Park.
  • Here the jeep safari driver will meet you.
  • Enjoy the calm Elephant Safari ride at the western side of Kaziranga National Park.
  • Get a chance to witness explore the different species of animals and plants at the park.
  • Take a closer look of the rare species of the one horned Rhinoceros .
  • Create a memory of wildlife safari to be taken back home.

How To Reach Kaziranga National Park

For reaching Kaziranga from Guwahati you can hire a cab from Guwahati and travel via NH 2 to reach Kaziranga. The travel duration is about 3 hr 48 min and distance is about 191.5 km.

Location Map: Kaziranga National Park

Things To Carry

  • BackPack
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water Bottle
  • Wipes and Toilet Paper
  • Mosquito Repellent Cream
  • Good Quality Shoes
  • Charger
  • Valid Identity Card

1,500 per person

Package price may vary at the time of booking.

  • Safari Ride
  • Sightseeing
  • Activities

Please Note

  • Elephant Safari booking follows first come first serve basis, and the amount is non refundable after the booking voucher of safari is issued.
  • Due to some network issue, if your safari is not booked, a refund will be made in your given bank account.
  • Arriving at the safari point on provided time is mandatory. Delay can miss your chance of doing an elephant safari.
  • All the charges of Elephant Safari should be paid in advance.
  • Full name, age , gender of every person visiting Kaziranga is required to be submitted as printed on their identity cards. And please carry the same ID cards submitted during the online booking.
  • For the reservation of foreign tourists, passport details are mandatory.
  • Since all booking processes are governed by the forest officials of Kaziranga National Park, entry permits are required to be obtained by the visitors with above mentioned documents.
  • There are only two shifts allowed for elephant safari but both shifts are only in the morning.
  • To guide your excursions only registered guides are allowed.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the Kaziranga National Park. So please avoid carrying any type of pets.
  • Visitors must accept the laws of wildlife protection at Kaziranga National Park.
  • Since we are a booking platform helping travellers in Elephant Safari booking, we are not responsible for any type of injury, accident, theft or death that may occur during Elephant Safari.
  • The entire process of the online booking is managed through an automated computerized system by the forest officials of Kaziranga National Park for fair distribution of safari’s.

Confirmation Policy

  • You have to pay 50% of the total tour cost at the time of booking.
  • After paying 50% you will receive an invoice of your payment and booking confirmation details.

Cancellation Policy

  • There shall be no cancellation charges, if cancellation is made 10 days before the date of tour.
  • 30% of the total cost as cancellation charges, if cancelled after 10 days of the tour.
  • 100% of the total cost as cancellation charges, if cancelled 7 days before the tour.

Payment Policy

  • 100% of the tour cost has to be paid at the time of booking.

Refund Policy

  • We will refund the whole amount in your given bank account number in case your safari is not booked due to any technical error or non availability of seats.
  • All refunds shall be processed within 7 (seven) business in customer's bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions on Elephant Safari Booking at Kaziranga National Park

1.  Which zone is best in Kaziranga for doing an Elephant Safari?

The Central Zone and Western Zone are the two best zones in Kaziranga for doing an Elephant Safari because in these required zones you can find the supreme animals of Kaziranga like one horned rhinos and bengal tigers.

2. Are private vehicles allowed inside the national park?

No, as per the guidelines of Kaziranga National Park private vehicles are strictly not allowed inside the park.

3. Are canteen facilities available inside the Kaziranga National Park?

Yes, canteen facilities are available near the central zone and western zone, for the visitors of Kaziranga National Park.

4. How can we book an elephant safari in Kaziranga?

Visitors can book an elephant safari at Kaziranga in two different ways; online or offline. But for confirmation and availability, advance booking is suggested.

5. Can I cancel my booking after it gets confirmed?

No, you can’t cancel your booking or transfer it to someone else after it gets confirmed. And even the amount is non refundable.

6. Are there any other safari available inside the Kaziranga National Park apart from elephant safari or jeep safari?

No, apart from elephant safari and jeep safari there are no other safaris available at the Kaziranga National Park..

7. Is there a pickup facility for Elephant Safari Customers available for tourists staying nearby?

No, there is no pickup facility from hotel for elephant safari customers. They have to reach the gates of Kaziranga National Park for the elephant safari ride.

8. Are toilets available inside the Kaziranga National Park, ?

Yes, toilets are available inside the Kaziranga National Park. But you can find them only in the lodges and camps which are built within the central zone or western zone.

9. Which safari is going to be a good option; elephant safari or jeep safari in terms of comfort?

In terms of comfort jeep safari is going to be a good option because it can give you good space for sitting but travelling with an elephant can give you a more thrilling experience.

10. Is it worth for an adventure lover to visit Kaziranga ?

Yes, Kaziranga is a good option for adventure lovers as it allows them to witness the world’s largest populations of one horned rhinoceros along with the varieties of wildlife species. Being a wildlife explorer they can also click the pictures of prime animals of Kaziranga from a closer distance.

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