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Shillong Sightseeing Taxi

Book our Shillong Sightseeing Taxi at the cheapest fare of Rs.1,500/- for half day. We have the best deals on Shillong Sightseeing taxi booking.

Our Shillong Sightseeing Cabs cover all the major places of tourist attractions in Shillong City like Ward’s Lake, Shillong Golf Course etc. and outskirts of Shillong like Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak and other places.

Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare

Full-Day Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare for Hatchback (Alto 800/Similar) will be Rs.1800/-

Half-Day Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare for Hatchback(Alto 800/Similar) will be Rs.1500/-

Full-Day Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare for Sedan (Swift Dzire/Etios/Similar)will be Rs.3,500/-

Half-Day Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare for Sedan (Swift Dzire/Etios/Similar) will be Rs.2,000/-

Full-Day Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare for SUV(Ertiga/Similar)will be Rs.4500/-

Full-Day Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare for SUV(Innova/Similar) will be Rs.5,000/-

Full-Day Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare for SUV(Innova Crysta/Similar) will be Rs.5,500/-

Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Fare Chart for Full Day/Half Day

Sightseeing Taxi Package – 1

DurationHatchbackSedanSUV (Ertiga/Similar)SUV (Innova/Similar)SUV (Innova Crysta)Sightseeing Spots
Full-Day (8Hours)18003500450050005500Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Ward’s Lake, Botanical Garden, Lady Hydari Park, Madina Glass Masjid, Cathedral of Mary
Half-Day (4Hours)150018004500Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, 

Sightseeing Taxi Package – 2

DurationHatchbackSedanSUV (Ertiga/Similar)SUV (Innova/Similar)SUV (Innova Crysta)SUVSightseeing Spots
Full-Day (8Hours)18003,50045005,0005,500Don Bosco Museum, Butterfly Museum, Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Ward’s Lake, Lady Hydari Park.
Half-Day (4Hours)15002,000Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Don Bosco Museum

We are a reliable and trustworthy Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Provider and as we are based in Shillong our taxi fares are cheaper and are available as and when required.

For booking a taxi for Shillong Sightseeing you can call us now at @6033114867.

We also provide Shillong Taxi to move in and around Shillong and its outskirts.

Shillong Sightseeing Shared Taxi Service

We also accommodate travellers who want a shared sightseeing taxi for Shillong. The price of sharing a taxi for the Shillong tour is much cheaper and is the ideal way for many budget and solo travellers who visit Shillong. 

We organise different persons who want to share a Shillong Sightseeing Taxi and once the date and timing match our shared taxi will take you for the Shillong Sightseeing Tour.

Shillong Sightseeing Shared Taxi Fare Chart

Shillong SightseeingRs.500 per person Rs. 600 per person Rs. 900 per person

*Call/WhatsApp @ 6033114867 to immediately book your seat for Shillong Shared Sightseeing Taxi.

Our Best Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Packages

Kajaawa has prepared the below chart of some hand-picked Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Packages for the convenience of travellers coming to Shillong and other places in Meghalaya. All the relevant details like number of days, places covered and the price is mentioned. Book your Shillong Taxi Package with us and get the best price.

Shillong Taxi Packages Chart

No. of DaysPlaces CoveredPrice(Hatchback/Sedan/SUV)
3 (three) daysShillong, Dawki, Mawlynnong, CherrapunjeeRs.9,600, Rs.12,000, Rs.15,000
4 (four) daysShillong, Krang Suri Falls, Laitlum Canyons, Dawki, Cherrapunjee, Mawlynnong 
Rs.12,800, Rs.14,000, Rs.20,000
5 (five) daysShillong, Mawphlang Sacred Forest, Laitlum Canyons, Mawlynnong, Dawki, Double Decker Root Bridge Trek, Cherrapunjee,  Rs.16,000, Rs.17,500, Rs.25,000

How to book Kajaawa’s Shillong Cab Service

You can book a Kajaawa Cab with few easy and simple steps. We provide the most convenient process for booking a Shillong Sightseeing Taxi.

Book your Shillong Sightseeing Taxi in three steps:

  1. Visit our website and go to our cab booking page.
  2. Choose your pickup destination, drop destination, date and time as per your requirement.
  3. Fill up your name, email address and phone number.

In Shillong Sightseeing Cab Booking Form choose from the provided options your Pickup and Drop Destination, Time, Date and Car Type.

Once you fill up the form your booking details will be sent to your given email and after your payment, we will confirm your booking.

You can also book Shillong Taxi by directly calling us on 6033114867.

After the booking process is done our Shillong sightseeing cab will pick you up from your destination at your requested time.

Kajaawa has flexible booking options which means you can book your Shillong Sightseeing Taxi in advance or immediately subject to availability.


Places Covered by our Taxi during Shillong Sightseeing 

Shillong Peak

If you want to have a bird’s eye view of Shillong City, then this is the best place for Shillong Sightseeing. It’s the highest point of Shillong city with a height of 1962 metres.

 People can sight the forests, waterfalls, the Himalayas, lush green meadows and fields of Bangladesh and it gives a breathtaking experience. 

The Shillong Peak is semi-circular and it’s not steep which makes it easier to trek for people of all ages so you can come with your full family.

There are no entry fees for visiting Shillong Peak although if you want to enjoy your tour with a great experience then you can take the telescope services which costs ₹10 per head. The entry timing for the place is from 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M and the visit takes less than an hour. The place is worth visiting.

Shillong Golf Course

Shillong Golf Course is beautiful greenery in the East Khasi Hills district in Shillong, Meghalaya. The place is said to be the oldest and largest natural golf course throughout the world. It’s located in a valley with trees and beautiful forests. The place has been also rewarded with the title of ‘Gleneagle of the East’ given by the United States golf association and museum in the year 1898. It’s one of the favourite places for golf freaks and golf lovers as it provides a wide area. 

It’s a beautiful place with lots of greenery around it which makes the place a major attraction for nature lovers, fun lovers and people who want to gain some good experience about life.

The entry to the place is free although littering is not allowed at the place and the ideal duration for visiting the place is 2 – 3 hours.

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Shillong. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and hills making it a scenic place to visit by nature-lovers. Water sports are also available at the Lake which includes boating. It is an ideal place for leisure, picnic and water sports.

Elephant Falls

Shillong the heart of Meghalaya is like a heaven on earth and the Elephant falls makes the city more graceful and appreciable. It’s a two-tier waterfall. 

 The real name of the waterfalls was Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohshiew whereas,  During the British rule few Englishmen spotted a giant rock that looked like an elephant close by waterfalls through which the name of the falls originated. The rock was destroyed during an earthquake in 1987.

The falls are amazing, it is a great tourist spot and attracts many foreign tourists because it shares its name with another waterfall which is situated in Vietnam. It’s a really beautiful place and amazing.

The place is best to be visited all over the year except the monsoon season as the surface becomes really slippery and can be dangerous so we recommend you to visit the place during summer and winter season.

Ward’s Lake

It is a very beautiful lake located at the heart of the city and is locally known as Pollock Lake or Nan Polok. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in Shillong because of its beautiful green surroundings.A footpath is constructed all around the lake to take a walk around and experience its breezing wind and calm environment. Boating is also available at the lake. One of its primary attractions is the wooden bridge where people stand and feed the fish of the lake. 

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is situated alongside Ward’s Lake where you can see rare orchids, native trees and plants. There are a variety of orchids and flowers here and the place is quite serene.

Lady Hydari Park

It is a beautiful park in Shillong famous for its Japanese style garden, scenic green space and a small zoo. The park has beautiful flower gardens and a small museum showcasing the flora and fauna of the region. The park is ideal for spending free time amidst its greenery and children enjoy the most at its playground.

Madina Glass Masjid

It is a four-storied masjid situated in Laban, Shillong beside the Umshyrpi river. It is a unique structure of glass and the green look of the masjid looks amazing especially its glass dome and its pillars. The flower garden in the surroundings adds beauty to the masjid. It is a unique place to visit while you are in Shillong.

Things To Do in Shillong and Nearby Places by hiring Kajaawa Cabs

Apart from visiting places in and around Shillong, you do the following adventurous activities by hiring our cabs.

  • Lakefront Nature Camping in Mawsynram
  • Boating in the Umiam Lake and Dawki Lake
  • Overnight Riverside Camping in Shnongpdeng
  • Kayaking, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Shnongpdeng and Umngot River
  • Zip Lining in Mawkdok Dympep Valley and Shnongpdeng.
  • River Canyoning at Cherrapunjee
  • Exploring Mawsmai Cave

Why hire a Shillong Sightseeing Taxi with Kajaawa Cabs

Wide Range of Shillong Sightseeing Cars:

We provide a wide fleet of cabs for Shillong Sightseeing which are well maintained and have economical fares. Our cabs are available right away at your doorstep. You can choose your car type depending on the number of travellers.

Types of Taxi for Shillong Sightseeing 

Car TypeSeating CapacityBest For
Hatchback (Maruti Suzuki 800, Alto 800, Celerio, etc.)4(four) persons
Small Family
Sedan: Swift Dzire,Toyota Etios, Ciaz,Toyota Etios.4(four) persons
Long Drive
SUV: Toyota Innova, Ertiga , Enjoy, SUV 500, Honda CV-R.6-7(seven) persons
Family Tour
Tata Sumo10(ten) persons
Group Tour

Transparency in  Billing

With Kajaawa you are not surprised with the last hour’s excessive fare. Our charges remain the same from the beginning till the end. We ensure that transparency is maintained in our invoice/billing for Shillong Sightseeing Taxi and the exact amount is charged mentioned in the invoice. Although the fare may change/increase in case you plan to change your route or extend your ride.

Our commitment towards transparency makes us a reliable and trustworthy online cab service provider for Shillong Sightseeing.

Budget Fare

We offer Shillong Sightseeing Taxi at a budget fare and with attractive deals which saves a lot of money for travellers.

Hassle Free Online Booking

Our online booking process is easy with simple and few steps. You just need to fill a simple cab booking form on our website or else you can book our Shillong Sightseeing Cab by calling us directly or through WhatsApp.

Reliable Shillong Sightseeing Taxi Service Provider  

  • We are a reliable cab service provider in Shillong and nearby areas.
  • Our vehicles are commercially licensed
  • We ensure that our cabs reach on time to pick-up.

Professional, Courteous and Polite Drivers:

  • Our drivers in Shillong are experienced to drive in the hilly areas and are familiar with the tourist places of Shillong which will make your shillong sightseeing tour very comfortable.
  • Our drivers are professional, courteous, polite and they act as a guide providing relevant local information of important shillong sightseeing spots, nearby restaurants and shopping destinations.
  • We believe in punctuality and work hard to provide on time service and avoid delay on our part.

Comfortable, Clean and Well Maintained Cabs:

  • We provide cabs that are comfortable and relaxing for short as well as long distance rides.
  • Checking of vehicle condition is done regularly to avoid any kind of vehicle breakdown in the middle of the trip.
  • We work on ensuring that our cabs are clean and well maintained.

Quality Service:

We regularly work on updating our services and endeavour to give quality service to enhance the best customer experience.

User-friendly Interface

We have created a user-friendly cab booking interface on our website. Just fill-up the simple cab form and your booking query process will be completed.

Dedicated Customer Support

We have dedicated customer support providing you backend assistance through phone, WhatsApp or email during your trip as and when required.

Flexible Paying Methods

With our flexible payment methods, you can choose your preferred mode of payment while booking our Shillong Sightseeing Cabs. We accept cash payment, UPI or online bank transfers.

When to use our Cabs Service

You can use Kajaawa Cabs Service for:

  • Visiting Shillong City and other nearby places.
  • For meetings, business appointments, conferences etc.
  • Family Outings, Shopping,  Picnic etc.
  • Airport pickup and drop from the city.
  • Marriage Functions.

Tourist Cabs Service in Shillong

Kajaawa’s Tourist Cabs take you to different places in Shillong and the outskirts. All the major tourist attractions are covered in Shillong Sightseeing Tour by our taxi. Our Tourist Cabs are very affordable for all kinds of travellers including budget travellers.

Hassle Free Shillong Tour with Kajaawa Cabs

Kajaawa Cabs have made Shillong Tour easy and hassle-free with our best fares and clean and well-maintained cabs. Now you do not have to spend much time and energy booking a cab. Simply visit Kajaawa and book online from the comfort of your home. Kajaawa offers you the best price of 1800/- for hiring a Shillong sightseeing taxi.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is the cost of hiring a Shillong Sightseeing Taxi?

Shillong Sightseeing Taxi fare depends on the type of vehicle. 4 (four) seater vehicles like Hatchback and Sedan costs about Rs.1,500/- to 3200 and SUV costs about Rs.4,500/-

Cheapest Options:

Shared Taxis are available for Shillong Sightseeing but it depends on bookings each day. If we get tourists who want a shared taxi and the time and dates match we book a shared taxi for them. For shared cabs in Shillong please contact us at 6033114867.

Shared Hatchback and Sedan will cost Rs.500/- to Rs.600/- per person and SUV will cost Rs.900/- per person.

2. Where can I get a taxi for Shillong Sightseeing?

Although there are taxis available in and around Shillong City, especially in Police Bazar, it is advisable to pre-book your taxi in advance. You can book your Shillong Sightseeing Taxi with Kajaawa online. You will get a cab at an economical price with a professional service. With Kajaawa Cabs you can save a lot on your travel expenses. Check out our jaw-dropping price in our taxi fare chart above.

3. How can I book a Taxi for Shillong Sightseeing?

With our easy online booking process you can either fill up the cab booking form at the top of this page or you can straightaway call or WhatsApp us @6033114867 or even email us.

4. What are the inclusions and exclusions in the taxi charges for Shillong Sightseeing?

Our Shillong Sightseeing taxi charges include:

– driver allowance including night driver allowance, fuel charges and toll tax.

The charges which are excluded and have to be paid by the customer are parking charges and entry fees for visiting different tourist spots.

5. What are the different modes of payment for booking a taxi with Kajaawa?

You can pay either through bank transfer or UPI (Google Pay, PhonePe) for booking your cab. You can also pay cash directly to the driver provided you pay some token amount online while booking your cab.

6. What if the cab does not show up?

Normally this is not the case but if the cab doesn’t show up we will provide you with another cab or else we will make a 100% refund.

7. Is it possible to change the booking dates?

Yes, you can reschedule the booking dates to a future or an early date provided that you inform us at least 1(one) week before your booking date.

8. Are tourists safe in Shillong?

Yes, Shillong is one of the safest places for tourists in India.

9. Do I have to carry my Identity Proof for my Shillong Tour?

You must carry your Identity Proof during your Shillong Tour to avoid any inconvenience.

10. Where should I contact in case of an emergency during the trip?

During an emergency, you can call us on 6033114867.

11. Can I cancel after booking a Shillong Sightseeing Taxi?

For cancellation, you can directly contact us through email or phone call and we will immediately cancel your booking and start the refund process. For information on our cancellation policy please go through our cancellation policy.

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