Scuba Diving in Meghalaya

Duration: 45 min


If you want to experience an exotic and adventurous moment in your life, then you can go for Scuba diving in Dawki, Meghalaya, an underwater adventure activity that will make you feel a part of aquatic life. You will dive about 10 to 12 metres deep for around 45 minutes in one of the cleanest river waters in India. Scuba Diving in Dawki, Meghalaya will be done under the supervision of an expert and also the required suits (half or full) is provided to keep you warm under water. Being a silent observer you will observe various species that lead their life underwater.Scuba Diving is one of the best adventure sports in Dawki that can be done by travellers and adventure enthusiasts. There is also a chance for non-swimmers to do this activity. As the water present out here is crystal clear therefore, learning scuba diving is really easy here.

Places Covered: Shnongpdeng

Activities: Scuba Diving

Tour Type: Adventure

Tour Highlights

  • Reach the spot and gear up for scuba diving with full accessories
  • Learn some basic sign language that will help you inside the water before you dive in
  • Dive inside the water under the supervision of an expert for about 45 minutes
  • Experience the only freshwater Scuba Diving in India at Umngot River
  • Click your moments of aquatic life under water with the camera provided
  • Witness the most beautiful species that live inside the fresh river water

Scuba Diving in Meghalaya Itinerary

  • After your arrival at the site, we will provide you with the essential equipment for Scuba Diving inside the river.
  • Our experts will give the basic lessons of Scuba Diving that will help you while doing this activity inside the river.
  • During your Scuba Diving at Dawki, Shnogpdeng you will observe the various species that live underwater.
  • You can also click pictures to make your scuba diving memorable inside the Umngot River in Dawki.
  • After finishing the activity you can also do an excursion in the surrounding area and explore the local culture.
  • Finally you can leave Shnongpdeng, Dawki with the memories of scuba diving.

Things To Carry

  • Camera
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Water bottles
  • Waterproof Watch

3200 per person

Package price may vary at the time of booking.

  • Activities
  • Equipment Usage
  • Instructions

Please Note

  • Do not try to hold your breath during Scuba Diving. Try to breathe normally.
  • If you hold your breath for a long time then you can suffer from air embolism, in which air bubble enters in the blood nerves that may lead to serious fatal injury.
  • You have to learn some basic skills and that is your breathing, floating and kicking before doing your scuba diving.
  • Consuming alcohol or any other intoxicants before Scuba Diving is strictly not allowed. This can lead to serious consequences.
  • During diving, try to stay with your instructor for safety and correct direction.
  • If you feel tired inside the water, just give a signal to your instructor. Do not try to push your limits beyond your capabilities.
  • Let your instructor know about your swimming status. Do not pretend to know it if you do not know swimming.
  • Do not try to touch everything you see without your instructor’s permission.
  • You will dive upto 10 or 12 meters underwater for your scuba diving, you can also click pictures inside to make your scuba diving memorable.
  • We are an online booking platform, therefore, we are not responsible for any accident, injury or death.
  • If the weather is not favourable, Scuba Diving timing may be shifted or it may be cancelled.
  • In case Scuba Diving gets cancelled for reasons other than bad weather, you can choose alternative activities like Kayaking, Snorkeling, Cliff Jumping etc. as per your choice.

Confirmation Policy

  • You have to pay 50% of the total tour cost at the time of booking.
  • After paying 50% you will receive an invoice of your payment and booking confirmation details.

Cancellation Policy

  • There shall be no cancellation charges, if cancellation is made 3 days before the date of tour.
  • 30% of the total cost as cancellation charges, if cancelled 2 days before the date of tour.
  • 100% of the total cost as cancellation charges, if cancelled 0-1 day before the date of tour.

Payment Policy

  • 100% of the tour cost has to be paid on the day of arrival.

Refund Policy

  • There shall be a refund of 100% if cancellation is made 3 days before the tour.
  • Refunds will be processed within 7 (seven) business in customer's bank account.
  • If your activity gets cancelled due to bad weather or poor condition of water, then a refund will be made or you can perform alternative activities instead of scuba diving like kayaking, zip lining etc.

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