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Majuli, the largest river island in the world, is formed by the Brahmaputra in the south and the Kherkutia Xuti linked by the river Subansiri in the north. It is situated on the river Brahmaputra in Assam. It is a peaceful place where many migratory birds call home. Majuli, which is 1100 kilometres from the Brahmaputra River’s mouth, had an area of 1256 square kilometres in 1991, however it is currently only 875 square kilometres owing to soil erosion. You will be mesmerised by Majuli’s gorgeous surroundings and lush paddy fields. The island is about 421 sq. km. in size, but due to the tremendous erosion caused by the Brahmaputra River, it is steadily getting smaller. Little islands tucked inside larger ones can be seen in Majuli, where the landmass shifts after each summer.

Weather in Majuli

One of the finest time to plan a honeymoon trip to Majuli Island is the winter season because at this time a cool breeze from the himalayan sides reaches the state of Assam and reduces its required temperature, later on which makes it really favourable for anyone to plan their honeymoon trip at this greenish island.
In Assam the hottest time period lies between the months of March and September. Within this period of time the maximum temperature reaches up to 43 degree celsius whereas minimum temperature recorded at this period time is 25 degree celsius.
Therefore, it is recommended to avoid visiting it during the summer season.
In Majuli the monsoon season hits at the starting of July and lasts till the end of September. Although during this time the required Majuli island looks at its utmost level, it is not advisable to visit it during the monsoon season. Because at this spell of time the maximum part of this mesmerising island gets submerged in the river water of Brahmaputra. 
The only time where couples can explore and perform various adventure activities at or around this pleasing island is the winter season because at this time the maximum weather temperature lies in between 17-19 degree celsius whereas minimum temperature lies in between 5-8 degree celsius.

How to Reach Majuli

By Air:
For honeymoon couples who are planning to spend the best hours of their life in Majuli island then for them the nearest airport at which they can arrive is Jorhat airport. After reaching Guwahati international airport couples can take another flight to Jorhat airport. Couples can also avail a facility of direct flight from Kolkata to Jorhat. From Jorhat couples can book a cab to Neemati ghat and later on continue their journey with a ferry to this lush green Majuli island.
By Train:
Couples travelling by train for honeymoon trips to Majuli for them the nearest railway station will be Jorhat railway station but for that couples have to appear first at Guwahati railway station. After your arrival at the Jorhat railway station you can continue your journey with a booked cab to Neemati Ghat. From this river bank couples have to take a ferry service to reach their desired destination.
By Road:
Couples travelling by road to this beautiful green island have to arrive first at the central part of the Brahmaputra valley or Jorhat after reaching here they can avail a cab or bus service to Neemati ghat. From this pretty river bank couples are required to urged a ferry service to Majuli.

Frequently Asked Questions on Majuli

1. Best time to visit Majuli for a honeymoon couples?

Best time for honeymoon couples to plan their honey trip to Majuli is the winter season because at this time they can find a moderate temperature in Assam. At this time couples can also perform various adventure activities like ferry rides, Bamboo hut stay etc.

2. Where can I find Majuli island?

Majuli island is located in the state of Assam, it is also known as the biggest island of the world. This island is situated in between two parallel rivers, with a mass area of 352 sq km.

3. What makes this Majuli Island special?

Majuli island is a pollution free island with a lush green environment situated on the river called as brahmaputra. It is a shredded site competing with others to achieve a place in UNESCO’s world heritage sites, which makes it special for its visitors.

4. What mementos can i buy from majuli?

You can buy various small-small handicrafts made with bamboo as mementos during your honeymoon trip to majuli. You can buy traditional clothes made by the locals with their hands.

5. Why is this beautiful island disappearing?

Regular floods in the river Brahmaputra cause a great amount of soil erosion from this island because of which its maximum area gets submerged inside the river. Its submerging rate is so high that it will totally disappear within the next 15-20 years.

6. Is visiting majuli for honeymoon couples worthy?

Yes, visiting Majuli or planning a honeymoon trip to majuli is worthwhile because apart from sightseeing you can also do adventurous things out here like boating, bamboo hut stay, etc. You can also witness tribal culture, cultural dance, enormous numbers of migratory birds along with its pretty and green environments.

7. What will be the meaning of Majuli?

In Assamese the meaning of Majuli or Mojoli is a land between two rivers. This land gots its name ‘Majuli’ when a strong flood was separated in two equal parts by a channel.

8. How can I communicate on Majuli and its region?

The local languages of this region are Assamese, Mising, Deori and if you are not familiar with these languages then you can also communicate in English or Hindi, as the peoples of this region are quite familiar with English as well as Hindi.

9. At present what is the total area of Majuli?

At present its total area is 352 sq km, at the beginning of the 20th century its mass area was 1,255 sq km but slowly and gradually its total area decreases because of regular floods in the Brahmaputra river which causes a lot of soil erosion.

10. Do honeymoon couples mention the shortest way to reach Majuli?

The nearest airport to Majuli island is Jorhat Airport and the nearest railway station to Majuli is Jorhat railway station. After arriving at your Airport and railway station you can book a cab to Neemati Ghat, from where you can avail a ferry facility to your desired island (Majuli).

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