Kaziranga Honeymoon Tour Packages

One of India’s national treasures in terms of flora and fauna, Kaziranga National Park is home to the world’s biggest population of one-horned rhinos. It is situated in the Assam state of northeastern India and occupies a total area that is shared by the districts of Nagaon, Golaghat, and Karbi Anglong. Kaziranga National Park, which is about five hours’ drive from Guwahati, is the pinnacle of India’s successful animal conservation. It received the title of World Heritage Site from UNESCO in 1985. One of Assam’s most well-known tourist destinations is Kaziranga National Park, which has a total area of 430 sq. km. The one-horned rhinoceros’ natural home is the Kaziranga National Park, which has been recognised as a world heritage site.

Weather in Kaziranga

Couples who love adventures can plan their honeymoon trip to Kaziranga national park as it allows them to witness some of the endangered and heaviest creatures like rhinos, asian elephants, tigers etc along with some rare species like wild cats, indian leopards, clouded leopards, capped langur etc. Inside kaziranga there are nearly four Zones known as Central Zone, Western Zone, Eastern Zone and Burapahar zone honeymoon couples can explore all the zones with its required two safaris namely Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari.
The best time recommended from kajaawa for honeymoon couples to plan their honeymoon trip to Kaziranga is in the coldest season of the year because at this time the required number of animals are more or less same in all the zones and it makes it very appropriate for a particular person to witness them. During the summer season the animals of kaziranga keep themselves near water bodies to prevent themselves from dehydration and make it difficult for its visitors to observe them.

How to Reach Kaziranga

By Air:
Couples travelling by air, the  closest domestic airport to this famous biodiversity national park will be Jorhat airport and it is situated at a distance of 75 km from the park. Guwahati International Airport is next and even a good option for couples planning to visit Kaziranga and it is located at a distance of 192 km from the wildlife sanctuary park. After your arrival at the airports you can hire a taxi which will take you to your desired location with a comfortable ride.
By Train:
Couples visiting Kaziranga by train , the nearest railway station will be Jorhat railway station and the second option is Guwahati railway station. From these required railway stations couples can book a cab or hire a taxi to Kaziranga National Park. The total distance from Jorhat railway station is 133 km whereas the total distance from Guwahati to Kziranga is 190 km.
By Road:
Couples visiting Kaziranga by road are going to have a comfortable ride as the highways that connect Kaziranga to the other states of India are well-maintained. Couples can find the entrance gate for entering this wildlife-conservation park in a village named Kohara. NH37 passes through this small village town and connects it with various big cities like Guwahat, Tezpur, Jorhat etc. to it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kaziranga

1. Mention the location of Kaziranga National Park?

Kaziranga National Park is situated in the state of Assam, India and it is considered as the last unmodified area within the north-eastern side of india. Its total area covers 42,966 ha.

2. Which safari is suitable for honeymoon couples?

Both elephants as well as jeep safari are good at kaziranga for honeymoon couples. It is also advised to honeymoon couples that they should try both the safaris to make their honeymoon trip to Kaziranga special and memorable.

3. What makes Kaziranga National Park special?

Kaziranga national park serves a huge population of one-horned rhinoceros in its lap and it makes nearly ⅔ of its total population in the entire world. Apart from it it is also home to many endangered species like tigers, leopards, large cats etc. these assets makes Kaziranga National park a special place for planning a honeymoon trip.

4. What mementos can I buy from Kaziranga to make my honeymoon trip to Kaziranga memorable?

You can buy different-different forest products at the entrance gate of the Kaziranga National Park. You can also buy various types of mementos from the Central zone (kohara) like wooden products and local handicrafts.

5. As honeymoon couples, how many zoes can we explore at kaziranga?

You can explore three zones of kaziranga with a jeep namely central zone (Kohara), western zone (Bagori), eastern zone (Agaratoli) and you can explore only two zones with an elephant namely Central zone and Western zone because of the speed of the elephant.

6. What time is best to plan a honeymoon trip to kaziranga?

Planning a honeymoon trip to Kaziranga within November to April is recommended from kajaawa because at this time you can find moderate temperatures neither too hot nor too cold. Assam receives a heavy rainfall from June to August therefore, at this time kaziranga remains closed because of the flood water.

7. For how many months Kaziranga remains closed?

Kaziranga remains closed for 4-6 months, most of the time it remains closed for only four months but sometimes due to heavy rainfall and flood water it increases its time.

8. Can we find hotels and resorts inside the kaziranga?

Yes, staying inside the Kaziranga National Park for honeymoon couples is possible because in Central Zone (Kohara) lodges, resorts and camps are built which belong to the government and some of them are private accommodations.

9. Is visiting Kaziranga for honeymoon couples worthy?

For honeymoon couples who love to spend their time with nature, Kaziranga is going to be the best place for their honeymoon trip. They can spend quality time with the peace of the jungle and the beautiful sounds of twittering and chirping of birds from every side.

10. Is kaziranga safe for honeymoon couples?

Yes, Kaziranga National Park is totally safe for couples to plan their honeymoon trip because in the past many years nothing scary happened that can create a fear in the minds of its visitors. When couples are inside the national park they have to follow some rules for their safety like not getting down from the jeep and elephant.

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