Jowai Honeymoon Tour Packages

One of the most significant commercial areas in Meghalaya is Jowai, which is also quickly developing into a major educational center thanks to the influx of students from nearby states and Bangladesh. Jowai is blessed with breathtaking scenery because it is built on a plateau and is surrounded on three sides by the Myntdu river. Because of its elevation of 1380 metres above sea level, it also enjoys a nice temperature. As a result, both the winters and summers are pleasant because neither season gets too hot. Because of this, Jowai is quickly becoming a famous tourist destination.

Weather in Jowai

The best times to visit Jowai are in the winter and summer. However, visitors must be appropriately outfitted with woolens throughout the winter. The roads are typically clear during the winter and summer, making travel very comfortable. Trekking is also enjoyable this season.
Due to its severe humidity, Jowai has short summers, fairly long monsoons, and considerably longer winters. It’s the ideal time to visit because the summers are not too hot. It is quite difficult to travel through this area during the monsoons, and the winters are chilly with a low of 4 degrees Celsius.

How to Reach Jowai

For flights to Jowai, Guwahati serves as the entry point. Gopinath Bordoloi Airport is located in Guwahati. From the airport, you can go to Jowai via cab or state bus. It would take three hours to travel from Guwahati. Guwahati airport is an alternative to Shillong airport. Jowai’s closest train station is also in Guwahati. Trains come and go from all over the country to this site. Jowai is served daily by buses from the Meghalaya State Road Transport Corporation. Buses connect Jowai with neighboring towns including Khanduli and Garampani.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jowai

1. For a honeymoon trip, is Jowai a good place?

Jowai is an extremely good place for planning a honeymoon tour, as it allows its visitors to witness a pleasant green environment. Even the weather condition of Jowai is very much suitable, neither too hot nor too cold. Due to its lush greenery you can find natural and fresh air every time in its region.

2. Best season to visit jowai?

Winter is going to be one of the best times to visit in jowai because at this time you can visit its popular sites as well as perform various adventure activities that are very much famous within its locals.

3. How to reach jowai for my honeymoon trip?

Shillong airport or Umroi airport is the nearest airport to jowai but if you are travelling with a train then first you have to reach Guwahati Railway Station and from there our cab driver will pick you up for your honeymoon tour of jowai.

4. What will be the required distance between Guwahati and jowai?

The required distance between Guwahati city and jowai is approximately 161 km and it takes nearly 3 hours to reach Jowai from Guwahati Railway Station.

5. Is the Jowai honeymoon package pricey?

No, the Jowai honeymoon packages are not so expensive one can easily afford it. It will cost you nearly 13,700/- for 5 Days and 4 Nights of package.

6. Why is jowai famous?

Jowai is famous because of its lush green environment which remains constant throughout the year. It is also known because of its pleasing views that are not admitting other things to its region. Jowai is surrounded by a river named as Myntdu River from three sides and the required water of this river generally remains chilly during winters but in summers it is very much enjoyable.

7. Is a Jowai trip safe for honeymoon couples?

Yes, it is extremely safe for newly wedded couples to plan their honeymoon tour in jowai because Meghalaya is considered as one of the lowest crime rate states of India.
Even a solo woman can travel and explore its beautiful places without any action of pausing before doing it.

8. List a few things that we must include in our packing list?

Jowai, Meghalaya is a place where you can find rain in almost every season, so it is advised to honeymoon couples to include a waterproof jacket, an umbrella, a rain cover for bags, a set of woollen cloth and a good gripped shoes in your luggage. As you can need any of them at any time.

9. Name some well known places to visit in Jowai?

Some of the must visit places of jowai are:-
Thadlaskein Lake
Tyrshi Falls
Nartiang Monoliths
Krang Suri Falls
Lalong Park

10. Name some adventure activities that a honeymoon couple can perform at Jowai?

Some adventure activities that a honeymoon couples can perform to make their trip memorable are given below:-

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