Arunachal Pradesh Honeymoon Tour Packages

Arunachal Pradesh is a wonderful place to visit for a vacation since it has beautiful mountains, uncharted passes, serene lakes, and well-known monasteries. You should visit Arunachal Pradesh if you want to learn more about tribal culture and experience their natural simplicity. The incredible variety of plants and animals that live there, in a setting that includes glaciers, high-altitude meadows, and subtropical woods, adds to the beauty of this lovely state. The most isolated state in India and the first region in India to welcome the rising light is Arunachal Pradesh, often known as the “Land of Dawn-lit Mountains.” This breathtaking nation, which is located on the northeastern tip of India and borders Burma (Myanmar), China, and Bhutan, is endowed with an incredible variety of flora and fauna that is sure to fascinate any traveler. More than 500 rare types of orchids can be found in the dense jungles of Arunachal.

Weather in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is actually a cold place situated in the northeastern region of India, sharing its borders with China, Myanmar and Bhutan internationally. It is situated at an altitude of 9,140 feet above sea level on a visually attractive low area of land between mountains of Bomdila and Tawang gateways.
The best time to visit this mesmerising part of earth is the summer season because at this spell of time the maximum temperature recorded is 31 degree celsius whereas minimum is 10 degree celsius. Summer season is the best time to visit here because it serves National parks, mountains trails, waterfalls in its lap which is favourable to witness and explore only in the hottest months of the year. One can also perform various thrilling activities in between these spells of time like mountain biking, rock climbing, crafting, boating and many more.
In Arunachal the monsoon season starts from July and lasts till the end of September. The monsoon season of Arunachal, also called the Moody monsoon. It is called so because it is totally unpredictable, one can see heavy dark clouds over his/her head in one moment and in next few minutes he/she can even see a clear sunny sky. One can also plan a trip to Arunachal Pradesh in the monsoon because within the monsoon season one can witness some of the stunning waterfalls of the state along with the various festivals. 
Although the winter season of this beautiful state is snowy and chilly, planning a trip within the winter season can also be a good option because at this hour one can witness a thick white layer over its stunning elevations. Chilly wind moving in a twisting and swirling pattern decreases the temperature up to 4 degree celsius.

How to Reach

By Air
Arunachal Pradesh does not have its own airport; this is the reason why the  nearest airport to this mesmerising state is situated in Tezpur, which is located in the state of Assam. This required airport is placed at a distance of 260 km away from your desired destination. From Tezpur you can avail a bus service or a cab service to your planned location.
By Train
The closest railway station one can find near the state of Arunachal Pradesh is Harmuti Railway Station and the required distance from this station to Arunachal Pradesh is only 32 km. From this station one can have a hassle-free journey to their planned location in Arunachal Pradesh as the highways are well-maintained within the state. The moment you come out from this station you will find a great number of cab and taxi drivers to ferry you to your desired destination.
By Road
Well-maintained highways and roads are available from all the surrounding states to reach the state of Arunachal Pradesh with a hassle-free ride. The required roads and highways connectivity with the other big-big cities like Guwahati, Shillong, Ziro, Pasighat is quite good. The state transport and private buses makes your trip a picturesque and scenic ride.

Frequently Asked Questions on Arunachal Pradesh

1. What will be the best time to visit Arunachal pradesh for a honeymoon couple?

One of the best times to plan a honeymoon trip to Arunachal Pradesh is the summer season or in between March to October because at this time apart from exploring you can also perform thrilling activities like crafting, boating, trekking etc with your soulmate. During this time the maximum temperature recorded is 35 degree celsius and the minimum is 20 degree celsius.

2. How can we reach the state of Arunachal Pradesh?

If you guys are travelling by air then the nearest airport to Arunachal is Guwahati International Airport and from here you can drive a distance of 655 km to reach your desired location.
If you are travelling by train then the nearest railway station to Arunachal pradesh is Naharlagun, but before visiting this station you have to arrive at Guwahati Railway Station then only you can take a train to Naharlagun. The required distance from Naharlagun to Arunachal is nearly 355 km.

3. Where can we find this state of Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal pradesh is located in the north-eastern part of India. It also shares its boundaries with some of the neighbouring countries like China from northeast,  Myanmar from southeast and Bhutan from west. It also shares its boundaries with two states within India like Assam and Nagaland from the south.

4. What makes Arunachal Pradesh a famous honeymoon destination?

Arunachal Pradesh is considered as a mesmerising state of India because of its picturesque quality. It is a perfect place to plan a honeymoon trip as it contains beautiful scenic places along with activities. It is an ideal place for honeymoon couples with a Maximum temperature of 10 degree celsius and a minimum of 8 degree celsius.

5. As a newly wedded couple what-what adventure activities can we do at Arunachal pradesh?

You can do an enormous number of activities with your soulmate to make your honeymoon trip to Arunachal remarkable and memorable. Some of them are mentioned below:
River Rafting.
Trekking and Hiking.
Fishing and Angling.
Bird watching.
All these activities are done under the supervision of professionals therefore, even non-professional couples can perform it.

6. List some best places that a newly wedded couple can visit?

Some of the must visit places for newly wedded couples while they are on their honeymoon tour are given below:
Sela Pass: here couples can click pictures with a beautiful snow covered mountains background.
Namdapha National Park: largest park of Arunachal Pradesh with a mass area of 1,985 square km.
Ziro Valley: one of the best places of Arunachal where you can learn about the culture and tradition of locals.
Glow lake: a lake whose beauty is beyond our imagination, you can walk across this mesmerising lake hand-in-hand with your soulmate to feel its beauty because there is no such word that can describe its prettiness.
Bomdila: a perfect place for clicking selfies because at this site you will not be able to stop yourself from doing this.
Dirang: those couples who like challenges can visit this site for a trekking activity.

7. Do couples need a pass to enter the state of Arunachal Pradesh?

Yes, Arunachal pradesh is a restricted state in India and for entering it couples have to obtain a ILP (Inner Line Permit) pass. It is a kind of official permission from the government of Arunachal Pradesh for entrance of tourists inside the state.

8. Can we apply for this ILP pass online?

Yes, you can apply online by visiting Arunachal pradesh Inner Line Permit Management System website. Here you have to upload your IDs proof, photo and other important details that are mentioned after filling the necessary details like name, age, gender etc.

9. Visiting Arunachal for honeymoon couples is worthy?

Yes, for couples this is a perfect place where they can plan their honeymoon destination because there are very few places where visitors can do adventure things apart from sightseeing and Arunachal is one of them. It also creates a beautiful and long lasting impression over its visitors due to its stunning assets.

10. Is it safe for honeymoon couples to visit Arunachal?

Arunachal is considered as the safest place in the north-eastern region because of its low crime rate. You can also find a great level of hospitality here.
Only one thing is recommended from Kajaawa and that is try to avoid visiting it in winters because during winter season Arunachal pradesh suffers from a lot of landslides and roadblocks due to heavy snowfall.

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