Camping in Sohbar

Camping in Sohbar Overview:

Camping Location: Sohbar, Meghalaya

Camping with Activities: 1,900/-

Check-in: 11:00 AM

Check-out: 12:00 PM

About Camping in Sohbar

Sohbar Campisite is located at a distance of about12 km from Cherrapunji and is nearby the Wahrew Arch Bridge. It is riverside camping where you will get the best experience of camping beside the river under the open sky. Riverside and its surroundings are green and clean with no pollution making it one of the best places for Camping in Meghalaya.

Along with Camping you can enjoy boating and swimming under the supervision of experts. The campsite is equipped with toilet facilities. The Sohbar campsite staffs are friendly, polite and helpful. You can experience a comfortable tent stay with bonfire, meals and breakfast Sohbar.

The beauty of the Sohbar Campsite is further added by the majestic Wahrew Arch Bridge.

Sohbar Camping Highlights

-Experience the calm and serene atmosphere of Sohbar Campsite.

-Get rejuvenated by camping overnight at the riverside.

-Boost your adrenaline with water activities like Kayaking, Snorkeling, Swimming and Boating.

-Spend your night with bonfire under the sky and beside the river.

-Enjoy your breakfast with a glance of greenery and the river.

Camping in Sohbar Itinerary

Day-1: Arrival at Sohbar Campsite

-If you reach noon you can lunch or else gear up for water activities.

-Enjoy Snorkeling, Swimming, Kayaking, and Boating under experts guidance.

-Later in the evening relax and warm yourself in the bonfire with tea and snacks.

-After dinner spend some more time in the bonfire under the open sky.

-Get inside your tent and have a sound sleep.

Day-2: Breakfast and Departure

-Enjoy your breakfast on the riverside

-Pack your bags with memories and check-out from the campsite.

How to Reach Sohbar Campsite

Sohbar is about 65km from Shillong. You can book a cab or hire a bike on rent from Shillong and reach Sohbar via Cherrapunji.

Things to know for Camping in Sohbar

The tents at Sohbar are waterproof and windproof for your comfortable overnight stay.

Water activities must be performed with life jackets, gears and equipment under expert supervision.

Alcohol is restricted in the campsite.

Kajaawa is a booking platform and may not be able to monitor the activities in the campsite.

Camping at Sohbar is with basic amenities and not luxury camping.

You must not litter in the campsite and throw it in the dustbin to maintain the area clean.

The campsite does not have locker facilities so you may keep your valuable belongings with you inside your tent.

The camping price does not cover any Insurance like theft, accident, or medical problem.

Things To Carry for Camping In Sohbar

Good quality shoes

Walking Stick




Valid Identity Proof

First Aid Kit

Warm Clothes



Gears and Equipment Use


Meals and Breakfast



Things that are not included.

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