Dawki River

Things to do in Dawki

Things to do in Dawki

Dawki, a border town in southern Meghalaya that serves as a wonderful base for exploring adjacent Shnongpdeng and Darrang, two well-known riverside camps. As the highlands of Northern Bangladesh dissolve into the plains, you will see a melting pot of cultures and a shifting landscape. Some of the evening view here is breathtaking as you watch the lights flare over the neighboring plains over the quiet, black river.
Shnongpdeng Village is located 8 kilometers north of Dawki on the meandering Umngot River. During the peak pre-monsoon, fall, and winter seasons, the Umngot River’s waters are so pure that you can gaze into the bottom and count the stones.
Whether you wish to take a quiet boat ride through a woodland stretch or dive down the river in diving gear, the activities in Shnongpdeng will keep you busy for days.
Aside from its natural beauty, it is also minerally gifted. It features a coal mine and limestone reserves, making it an international trade center for India and Bangladesh.
Dawki, on the other hand, boasts of having a road that connects it straight to the opposite side of Bangladesh.
The Umngot River in Dawki is spectacular with its crystal clear water, which allows one can see the rock bed beneath. Furthermore, the river acts as a fishing area for both countries.
The Dawki Suspension Bridge, erected by the British in 1932 and suspended over the river, begs to be photographed. To get to the major river point, one must cross the bridge. Dawki is also the meeting place of two important hills, the Jaintia Hills and the Khasi Hills.
Apart from being a natural paradise, Dawki has a lot more to offer to people who look for activities. Here are a few among them that you should not miss at all.

Things to do in Dawki

So, Here are the few things you can do in Dawki and spend a good time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Dawki River

The famed river Umngot flows through the little border town of Dawki in the West Jaintia Hills and is a popular tourist attraction in Meghalaya. Dawki is located between India and Bangladesh and serves as a cross-border trading centre. This little town is especially known for the Umngot River and a lovely bridge.
People come to the city to take a boat trip along the Umngot River and see the attractions. Tourist activities are prevalent throughout the spring season. A boat riding competition is taking place. It is worth a visit because of the chilly water, gorgeous suspension brides, and surrounding flora.

Umngot River

The Umngot River, also known as the Dawki Stream, is a small stream that runs through Dawki in the East Jaintia Hills. It is a fully clear waterway, which is unique in India; one can see the entire image of the watercraft, giving the sense that the vessel is flying. The stream comes to an end in the global outskirts of India and Bangladesh. The Umngot River, in a sense, frames Dawki’s distinctive splendour.
Dawki’s stream is also a popular fishing area. This waterway offers watercraft rides that may last up to 30 to 40 minutes and are quite enjoyable. The river connects Ri Pnar in the Jaintia Hills to Hima Khyrim in the Khasi Hills through a single-traverse suspension bridge. It serves as a gateway to Bangladesh.

Camping In Dawki

Get away from the hectic life of the city and camp near to the waterway side to experience the satisfaction of flying animals peeping, the melodies of the rushing stream water, and the mash of the leaves all in the same spot. Outdoors in Dawki is a fantastic Meghalaya participation.
The beauty of this place will keep you here, and you will want to stay in Dawki. The warm sand beneath your feet as you walk out of camp early in the morning leads you to feel rejuvenated and unwind. The riverfront stays in Dawki can only be enjoyed outside. Rest and relaxation in the midst of nature are unmistakable signs that you have arrived in Incredible India.

Snorkelling In Dawki

Swimming in the Umgnot River is an entirely different experience from swimming in any other body of water, owing to the river’s distinct water. Snorkeling in Dawki is available for you even if you don’t know how to swim. The captivating and memorable experience will be the reasonable vistas under the water and the submerged images. This water brandish is not difficult to perform and does not pose any danger. It is an excellent option for a simple light experience near to Kolkata and North East India. You will be given a life jacket and other safety equipment.

Borhill Falls

Borhill falls, also known as bophill falls or Pangtumai falls, is located on the outskirts of Dawki, India and Bangladesh. Its universal quality attracts visitors. It is known as pangtumai waterfalls in Bangladesh. Pangtumai is a charming town in the Sylhet area. It is set up in north-east India. To begin, you must go to Shillong from anywhere in India.
At that point, you may take a taxi to Borhill Falls. Then there’s the benefit of transportation from Shillong to Dawki, and then to Borhill Falls. It is not difficult to get there from Bangladesh. You must travel to the tamabil outskirts of Sylhet from anywhere in Bangladesh. Following the intersection edge, you will travel to Dawki, from where you may take a save taxi to Borhill Falls.

Jaflong Zero Point

The view of the stream crossing the international border between India and Bangladesh is worth viewing at Dawki. With this wonderful views of the Umngot River, the confined town gives spectacular viewpoints all through closures here. At 0 point, there would be Indian outskirt guards who would keep an eye out for any unexpected situations, ensuring the security of the periphery and guests.
You could see Bangladesh from here, and others on the other side were enjoying the view as well. Jaflong is well-known for its stone formations and is home to the Khasi clan. Jaflong is one of the most appealing tourist destinations in the Sylhet division. It is around 60 kilometres from Sylhet town and takes about two hours to get there.

Zipline In Dawki

Dawki, which borders Bangladesh, is a champion among the most well-known undertaking sites in the north-east. Furthermore, provides experiences such as kayaking, mountain climbing, waterway boating, shake climbing, scuba diving, hiking, zip line, and outdoors. The goal is to keep individuals focused for a few days. Participate in the many effort practises on offer. Zip Line in Dawki is a business darlings distraction that gathers people groups from all over the world.
This experience zone is managed by the Pioneer Adventure pack from Jarman Villa, Lower Lachumiere in Shillong, Meghalaya’s capital. A pulley strung on a link is used in zipping, also known as a zip wire, flying fox, ethereal rope slide, and airborne runway. It was intended to allow a client pulled by gravity to fly out from the top to the bottom of the inclined connection, which was typically composed of stainless steel. By gripping or attaching to the freely moving pulley. In addition, a security line was visibly added. Zip Line in Dawki is an adventure for thrill seekers.

Dawki Suspension Bridge

The Dawki Bridge is the main attraction here, other from the incredible common grandeur and calm. It is a suspension bridge across the Umngot River that also serves as a location from where all voyagers may appreciate some spectacular all-around viewpoints. The emerald hue of the Dawki stream is the primary appeal of the location, and Dawki tourism has flourished in recent years.
On the Dawki/Umngot canal, the Dawki hanging span is being expanded. It is a suspension bridge built by the British in 1931. The Umngot canal, on which this scaffold is built, is well-known for its clean and pure water. This is work along the India-Bangladesh border and provides access to Dawki town. Under the scaffold, sailing in the clean Umngot river.

Mawshun Cave

The Cave is approximately 680 m east of the gathering at Lelad, but 100 m lower. It is a dendritic ace stream give in that serves as an authority for several channels and depletes the zone east of Lelad. The uninviting path in the centre of the stones leads to a 5 m pot that descends into a nice, clean-washed stream section, prompting a 24 m profound pitch. Both upstream and downstream, the stream portion grows in size, with the downstream entrance being 12 m by 10 m. The offer contains a couple very all-around enhanced abnormal state components. It is a magnificent buckle arrangement measuring 3339 m in length.

Dainthlen Falls

A roadway to one side just before reaching Sohra leads to the falls, which are 5 kilometres distant. The waterfall was named for a Thlen, or enormous snake, that remained in submission. According to legend, the general populace smashed the serpent in order to be free of its dreadful dominion.
The Dain-thlen Waterfalls are located near where the Thlen was murdered. Guests are drawn to the depiction of the Thlen, the image of ravenousness, corruption, and shrewdness, in normal shake carvings of the episode. Water runs between the two boulders and the tumbling waterfall, creating a stunning scene in the midst of a heavy thunderstorm.

Rappelling In Dawki

The mountains surrounding the Umgnot River provide an ideal setting for adventurous activities like as shake climbing and rappelling. The uncharted objective Dawki isn’t famed for its obvious splendour, yet it does provide such an experience. The steep slopes and vibrations make it a great location for rappelling down the stream’s banks. Look down to see the statures and press your breaking points to defeat those stones. It is said to be the most visited and visited place in the district. You may come here to see your relatives, friends, and family members.

Boating On Umngot River

The Umngot River boat trip is an unforgettable experience. The stream winds through the surrounding mountains, and the clear water creates an illusion of the pontoon soaring all about. You must experience the joys of neighbouring vessel journeys with local anglers surrounded by breathtaking natural perfection and pleasant stable of the canal stream.
In any event, the excursion was still worthwhile with all the greenery around, the waterway itself, the little waterfalls augmenting the stream, and the suspension bridge to cap it all off. A ride on the watercraft with your feet dangling out into the water adds to the experience.

Kayaking In Umgnot River

Characteristic greatness necessitates experience, and Dawki possesses this challenging recreational outdoors movement. Kayaking is another exciting Umgnot River sport. Despite the fact that the water here is more calmer and the kayaking has a lower level of difficulty. This location is perfect for learners since it provides a safe environment as well as an engaging experience. Kayaking is the only way to enjoy Dawki’s riverfront. Rejuvenation and relaxation in the midst of nature are unmistakable signs that you have arrived in Incredible India. By gripping or attaching to the freely moving pulley. In addition, a security line was visibly added.

Visit Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong, Asia’s cleanest hamlet, is also located in this area. Despite human settlement, the place’s nooks and crannies only convey the essence of Nature and cleanliness. You can feel the scene as soon as you go inside. Before entering the town, there is a checkpoint where the locals themselves offer a ticket because they are in charge of the upkeep.
As a result, the money collected from tourists goes directly to the village’s development fund. Inside, there are several restaurants and stores. If you want to bring a memento home with you, this market for local handcrafted items is the place to be. And don’t forget to haggle.

Visit Bangladesh Border

Visit the international boundary between India and Bangladesh, which is only a few metres from the Umngot River. You do not need authorization to visit the border. It is utterly devoid of everything.

Visit the Famous Living Root Bridge in Mawlynnong

Another natural marvel here is the Living root bridge, which is about 500 years old. The suspension bridge is made entirely of natural materials. When it comes to Mother Nature, the locals are extremely careful. To get to the bridge, one must trek down an uneven and steep trail.
It is advised that if you have any respiratory difficulties, you should avoid the downward walk.
There are additional wonders waiting on the list if you have time. The trek to the Double-decker bridge and the Mawsmai limestone cave are not to be missed.
If the live root bridge in Mawlynnong confuses you, the Double decker root bridge and, especially, the Rainbow Falls will.
The double-decker root bridge trip is best done in the winter; otherwise, the journey might be dangerous due to the slick surface and toxic insects during storms. You must hire a guide for INR 600 for round-trip transportation. It is quite dangerous to explore alone without assistance because there are no signs for instructions, which may cause confusion in the deep forest. It’s better to take a guide than to get lost.

Rock Climbing

Seekers might completely satisfy their need for adrenaline by experiencing it. Rappelling down boulders to reach the stream’s banks are ideal activities for the steep slopes and unsteady terrain. The exhilaration of rock climbing compels one to conquer mountains and explore what lies beneath them. Dawki rock climbing is not tough because there are various fissures on the outside that may be exploited to help in climbing. The scenery is breathtaking and full of natural beauty, which adds to the whole experience. Every morning, shared transportation is provided from Shillong’s Barabazar to the border gate in Dawki. There is also a bus service from Shillong, which is around seventy kilometres and takes forty-three minutes.
In terms of the exercise, competent trainers are on hand to offer the required directions and assure everyone’s safety. Don’t be concerned if this is your first time participating in a rock climbing activity; simply follow the guidelines and have fun. The minimum age for this sport is eleven years old. Furthermore, the adventurer’s maximum weight should be ninety kilos and should not be exceeded. One safety line should be linked to the harness of the specific activity and should last for roughly twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Zip Lining Activity

With this sport, you may have one of the best times of your life while zip lining over the Umngot River and taking in some of the most spectacular vistas of the Jaintia Hills. The seabed will also be palpable. During the ten to twelve minute exercise, a sequence of highly strong wires or zip lines connected by a harness and pulley will be dropped. Roll the wire down 300 feet above the river’s level.
The excursion, with its surrounding natural beauty and 560-metre wire, will definitely give you shivers. These activities will be supervised by experts and trainers with vast expertise, ensuring that participants have a fear-free, secure, and pleasurable time flying downhill. Every morning, public and private transportation of various types is provided from Shillong’s Barabazar to the border post at Dawki. Only anyone above the age of eleven and weighing a maximum of ninety kilos are authorised to engage in this sport. Close to the action point, there are four trial or changing rooms.


Before you reach to Dawki and start down the steps, you’ll have a breathtaking overview of all you’ll be experiencing. Make a photograph of the moment to save it as an eternal memory. If your camera is water proof, don’t forget to take spectacular underwater shots of the Dawki River. The water of the Dawki River is so clean that you can see through it. The sole reason most tourists come to Dawki River is to photograph its stunning purity.A connecting bridge across the Dawki River must be climbed. This is a fantastic view location for individuals who do not have access to a drone camera. Visitors are not required to pay an entry fee to photograph from the air from this connecting bridge. Dawki River provides it for free.

Experience the beautiful Sunset Period

Witness the spectacular sunset views, which are worthy of being immortalised in beautiful images. Visitors may obtain airborne images of the gorgeous woods and indigenous settlements visible from this vantage point. The roads that lead to Dawki provide a clear picture of this naturalist’s haven. Tourists may appreciate this breathtaking vista and, of course, photograph this great experience to cherish at any time. A location where the sky will change colour, similar to what one may see at a beach. Yellow to orange, then orange turns maroon, and finally the sun sets. Imagine all of this being time-lapsed. The film, which was captured during a thirty-five minute time lapse, defies explanation.

Interconnect with Locals

Experiment with novel foods, new settings, unexpected delays, and language issues when travelling to go out of your comfort zone. Meeting new people is another way to push oneself when travelling. Meeting locals is the only practical way to completely immerse yourself in a new language and culture when travelling. Chatting with realistic people will educate you more than reading a handbook or even utilising the internet. Building friendships while on the road is a great way to gain possibilities. This is especially important if you are travelling alone in order to have a more unique, individual adventure.
Most people understand that you may not be aware of them, but making the effort to investigate social stigmas before travelling to another country can help you avoid difficulty. You can uncover chances for yourself by getting out and meeting new acquaintances that you would not have discovered if you had kept your mouth shut. Get over your fear and start talking.

Fishing at Dawki River

Because there are fish in the river, tourists are allowed to take anything they like. That is something that many of the locals do. Fishing is another pastime you might want to try while you’re there, especially if you’re patient or just love it. The most successful way of catching a fish is with locally made fishing poles made of bamboo and thread. Because the water is so clear and the fish are so visible, anyone can catch fish here. It is an experience that not everyone will be able to have. The primary economic drivers for the inhabitants are fishing and tourism.It is probable that the fish caught in the Dawki River is so delicious and easily accessible because there is no pollution. Each evening, native ladies, children, teens, and elderly relax on the river with fishing poles in their hands. indulging in a profitable pastime A stunning sight to behold and a memory to cherish, the olive green sea filled with fishing boats lasts a lifetime.

Cliff Skipping in Umngot River

Boating on this river is inadequate. When the water is this pure and gorgeous, anyone would want to swim. In any case, you will be given a life jacket to wear while on the watercraft. There are several towering cliffs surrounding the river. Simply come to a halt on either side of the boat, mount the bluff, and then plunge into the water. This will be one of your most daring deeds along the journey, making it the most satisfying adventure. One of the things travellers are encouraged to verify is the quality of the life vests. Additionally, keep the vest in place when jumping.Fearing that the impact would cause the vest to separate from the body. Also, go to the suitable cliff jump spot. Hop and dive from eight, fourteen, and twenty-two feet in crystal clear water. The agent will accompany the participant to the place of the activity as soon as they arrive on Shnongpdeng island. Before entering the water, specialists will provide instruction and provide all essential equipment. If that is not enough, those who cannot swim are also offered the option to participate in the sport while keeping serious safety considerations in mind. The underwater dive into the shimmering sea will be part of this experience. Because it is apart from the city, it provides an exciting recollection.This activity is only open to persons who are at least eleven years old.

Frequently Asked Questions on Things to do in Dawki

1. What Makes Dawki So Famous?

Aside from the natural beauty, it is also minerally gifted. It features a coal mine and limestone reserves, making it an international trade center for India and Bangladesh.
Dawki, on the other hand, boasts of having a road that connects it straight to the opposite side of Bangladesh.
The Umngot River in Dawki is spectacular with its crystal clear water, which allows one can see the rock bed beneath. Furthermore, the river acts as a fishing area for both countries.
The Dawki Suspension Bridge, erected by the British in 1932 and suspended over the river, begs to be photographed. To get to the major river point, one must cross the bridge.

2. Best season to visit Dawki?

Dawki may be visited all year, however the winter and summer seasons from November to May are the finest times to discover its great natural beauty. This is the time of year when the weather is most nice and suitable for sightseeing. Monsoon brings severe rain to Dawki, and it is best to avoid visiting during the peak monsoon season since heavy rain can cause landslides and road bottlenecks.

3. Top 3 Destinations to visit in Dawki?

Umngot River
Jaflong Zero Point
Burhill Falls

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