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In the heart of the eastern Himalayan mountain ranges is the small town of Tawang. For its 400-year-old monastery, it is renowned. One of the largest Buddhist monasteries in India, this monastery serves as a major destination for pilgrims who practise Buddhism. In addition to its religious significance, Tawang is well known for its breathtaking natural beauty, which draws and charms tourists. The magnificent Monpa Tribe’s ancestral home of Tawang is located in the westernmost part of the state of Arunachal Pradesh, bordering both China and Bhutan. The district has a rugged scenery with deep valleys and an elevation range of 3,500 to 22,500 feet. It is completely encircled by the strong Himalayas. Its snow-capped peaks, gorgeous lakes, pleasant atmosphere, and friendly people continue to draw tourists. This magical location brings to mind images of breath-taking mountain vistas, hidden cabins, sleepy towns, magnificent gompas, tranquil lakes, and mesmerising mountains.

Weather in Tawang

The best time to visit tawang is between  March to September. Because during this period of time the maximum weather temperature recorded here is 30-32 degree celsius while the minimum is 9-11 degree celsius. Summer season that starts from the month of March and lasts til october is considered as the best time to strike Tawang because this is one of the finest hours where one can do adrenaline boosting activities like crafting, trekking, rock climbing etc along with the sightseeing.
Monsoon season is also considered as a good time to plan a trip to Tawang due to its mesmerising sites like Nurarang falls, Bap Teng kang waterfalls and Sirki Waterfall etc where you can visit and even capture its picturesque beauty. One of the best parts of its monsoon is that one can see dark grey clouds over his head as if it is going to rain heavily in the next few seconds but what actually happens is it gets replaced by a sunny sky.
The winter season in this region is generally very cold with a minimum temperature of 4 degree celsius and even after that it is a good option to visit in this season because at this time one can participate in activities that are performed over the thick sheets of snow. You can witness a white blanket over each and every elevation and it looks like you are watching the best part of paradise. These things make Tawang a best tourist site for every season.

How to Reach Tawang

By Air:
If you are preparing to fly to tawang then unfortunately there is not any airport located near your desired destination. You can fly only to Sonibari airport which is situated at  a distance of 330 km from Tawang and the required journey takes around 10-12 hours to reach Tawang from here.You can get a flight from major cities like Kolkata and Silchar to Tezpur city whereas, the guwahati international airport is a good option to arrive as you can get a flight easily from here to Tawang. To reach this international airport direct regular flights are there from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata.
By Train:
As Tawang is situated at a higher altitude therefore building a railway line on it is not an easy task for its government. This is the reason why there is no major railway station situated near to Tawang. Rangapara is the only major station one can find closest to Twang and it is situated in the city of Tezpur. The required distance one can  find between this Rangapara Railway Station and Twatang is Nearly 314 km. From here you can easily get a taxi or bus service that will help to reach your dream destination. There is one more major railway station you can find near to Tawang and i.e your Guwahati Railway Station and the total distance from here till Twang is approximately 440 km. You can book a cab or bus from here to Tawang to  have a picturesque and scenic ride at every turn.
By Road:
The stunning elevations make the way to Tawang a picturesque ride. The required unreel roads that lead you to Tawang are extremely astonishing, especially during winters as it allows you to witness a thick white blanket-like layer over its every elevation. Therefore, planning a trip to visit tawang by road is more than worthwhile as it gives travellers a beautiful lifetime experience.If you are an adventure lover then exploring Tawang with a bike is one of the best things to do in someone’s life because riding a bike in a mountainous region gives you a feeling that is almost impossible to explain, it gives you a feeling of freedom and you can also enjoy a clear and bright sunny weather much more than a closed air conditioned cab or taxi. If you are interested in this kind of ride then you can take a rental bike from Guwahati and ride till Tawang.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tawang

1. Where is Tawang town located?

Tawang is located at a distance of 448 km from the capital state of Arunachal Pradesh i.e, Itanagar. This required city is situated at a great height approximately 3,048 metres from the sea level.

2. Best time to plan a Tawang trip?

Summer is one of the best seasons to plan a tawang tour because at this time the weather remains good and suitable for sightseeing. Therefore, you can plan your Tawang tour in the months of March, April, May, June, September and October. You can even plan your Tawang at the beginning of monsoon season.

3. Name some best things to do at Tawang?

Some of the best thing that we should not miss at any cost while you are at your Tawang trip are given below:
Hiking over Gorichen Peak.
Travel across the beauty of Sela pass.
Observe the magic of nature by visiting Nuranang Waterfalls.
Spend a full day near a mesmerising lake named as Shonga-Tser Lake.
Satisfy your taste buds at their utmost level by having a beautiful meal at the Dragon Restaurants.

4. How to reach Tawang?

If you are travelling by air then the closest international airport to Tawang is Guwahati Airport, whereas the nearest domestic Airport to Twang is situated in Tezpur and from here you can book a cab for Tawang. The required distance from Guwahati airport to Tawang is 480 km and the total distance from Tezpur to Tawang is 330 km.

5. Apart from the weather, does Tawang have any other assets to witness or observe?

Tawang town is not famous because of its snowfall and beautiful weather conditions, but it also has other scenic beauty like Sela Pass, Bumla Pass, Madhuri lake, Jaswant Garh, Nuranang falls etc.

6. Name some adventure things to perform at Tawang?

Some of the best adventure activities you should try at Tawang are given below:
Visit hot springs: these hot springs are called as healing springs as they contain sulphur in it by the locals.
Explore Banggachhang lake: considered as one of the sacred lakes in Tawang.
Attend Tawang Festival: A fabulous and mind-blowing festival used to celebrate by the peoples of Tawang. In this 3 days festival you can observe different-different and unique cultures of some of their tribal peoples.
Mountain Biking: You can try mountain biking around Tawang town on its mountainous terrain. Even a beginner can try this biking activity.
Rafting in Kameng river: One of the best thrilling activities to boost your adrenaline rush in Tawang. You can even book this activity after your arrival in Tawang if you forget to book this activity beforehand.

7. Why is Tawang so popular?

Tawang is famous for not one, but many elements. Some of the important things that have helped Tawang in achieving a lot of popularity across the globe are its ancient buddhist monasteries and spellbinding scenic beauty. The town is also famous as the 6th Dalai Lama’s birthplace.

8. Is visiting Tawang worthy?

Yes, visiting Tawang is quite more than worthwhile as it contains historical and scenic picturesque places that are totally impossible to find in any other parts of India. It serves serene lakes, Snow-clad mountains and thick forests in its lap. It also creates a lasting impact on its visitors.

9. Do I need a pass to visit Tawang?

Yes, for visiting Tawang tourists have to apply for an Inner line Permit (ILP) pass. Visitors have to upload their ID proof, photo and other important details on ILP ong website.

10. Is Tawang safe for tourists?

Yes, Tawang is extremely safe for its visitors but only one thing is recommended from Kajaawa team is avoid visiting it during winters because at this time roads used to get blocked by the heavy snowfall and landslides.

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