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Nongjrong Village Travel Guide – 2023

Nongjrong is a village in the Indian state of Meghalaya, located in the Mawkynrew Tehsil of the East Khasi Hills region. Nongjrong is a lesser-known location of Meghalaya with few visitors. Nongjrong’s breathtaking surroundings will take your breath away. It is a sunrise location where the Nongjrong Valley is covered with clouds at sunrise. They have a total population of 1440 people. It is around 30 kilometres from the Mawkynrew sub-district headquarters and approximately 60 kilometres from the Shillong district headquarters. Nonjrong’s breathtaking beauty will definitely captivate you, enabling you to forget about your concerns for a moment and provides a revitalizing experience. You must hike all the way to the top of the hill for a best view of the stunning clouds.

About Nongjrong: The Stunning Sunrise View

From the base of the hilltop a Nongjrong, you can see the clouds like a long stretch of a white sea flowing endlessly over the magnificent green hills and valleys. Nongjrong Valley looks more beautiful when the sun approaches the horizon.
Tourists from all over the world come to see the stunning sunrise view of Nongjrong from its hilltop where the clouds are below the hilltop and this view makes Nongjrong one of the must visit places in Meghalaya.

How to see the stunning sunrise view of Nongjrong

You can see the sunrise view of Nongjrong when the clouds float below the hilltop. Wake up early in the morning around 3:00 am in the dark and hire a cab from Shillong to Nongjrong which is almost 49 kilometres. After reaching Nongjrong, hike to the hilltop of the Nongjrong and wait for the stunning sunrise view.

Weather in Nongjrong

The weather in Nongjrong is pleasant where you will feel the cool breezy wind passing through you and making you refreshed. During summer the temperature varies from 16 degree to 26 degree with moderate rainfalls and during monsoon the temperature is between 14 degree to 23 degree with heavy to very heavy rainfalls. In winters it’s very cold and the temperature gets low to 6 degree to 14 degree.

Best time to visit Nongjrong

Best time to visit Nongjrong is during November till February when the weather is pleasant and cold. During this time you will get the best view of the clouds at the valley.

Distance from Shillong

The distance between Shillong and Nongjrong is about 46.8 km and takes about 2 hr 8 min via EKH MDR. You can reach as per stated time assuming there is little or no traffic.

Distance from Guwahati

The distance from Guwahati to Nongjrong is about 144 km which is almost a 4 hr 40 min drive via NH6.

Distance from Cherrapunji

The distance from Cherrapunji to Nongjrong is 69 km which is almost a 2 hr 24 min ride via SH 5.

Where can we stay in Nongjrong or nearby?

The top five locations you can stay are listed below:

Hotel NameLocation
IP PWDThis location is about 8.3 km distant in the East Khasi Hills area.
MRK3 TYRCHI-INNThis inn is around 10.9 km distant in the West Jaintia Hills area.
Tyrchi INNThis one is also in the West Jaintia Hills area, at a distance of 10.9 kilometres.
CTC ORCHID INNThis location is 11.2 kilometres away in the Thadlaskein area.
HighwindsHighwinds is located in the West Jaintia Hills, approximately 11.3 kilometres away.

Where can we eat in Nongjrong?

Here is a list of the top 5 restaurants in the area-

Hotel NameLocation
Veg HotelIt is 9.4 kilometres away at Moodymmai, Meghalaya 793151.
MRK3 TYRCHI-INNIt is located in the West Jaintia Hills area; Meghalaya 793151, and it is 11.2 kilometres away.
Five-Star DhabaMeghalaya 793151, another popular restaurant in West Jaintia Hills, is around 12 kilometres distant.
Choice DhabaThis location is 11.2 kilometres away in the Thadlaskein area. Details about the location: Meghalaya 793151.
Hill Top DhabaThis dhaba is also roughly 12.1 kilometres distant in the West Jaintia Hills area; Meghalaya 793151..

Things to Carry at Nongjrong

Here is a list of what you should bring with you when visiting Nongjrong.

  • Face Cream, Hair Oil
  • Mobile Phone Charger
  • Water Bottle
  • Shoes that are comfortable (avoid heels)
  • Your prescribed medicines
  • Jacket in Winters (because it gets really cold there)
  • A poncho, raincoat or umbrella (as it rains a lot in this region)
  • Your specs or contact lenses (if you wear them)
  • Carry a durable backpack to store all of your necessary belongings
  • Any other important thing that you may require

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