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Northeast Tourism

Northeast Overview

The poetry of Earth is never dead”.
Let’s start with a beautiful quote for a beautiful place. Northeast India beholds so much gorgeousness in it that it becomes very hard to express in words at times. And now if you are to say about the northeastern states of India then the best way to define it would be, “ Actually there are no heavens on Earth but pieces of it” and yes of course by pieces, we definitely mean one of them to be our northeast. 
The dark greens and all blues around makes it feel so heavenly. The states of northeast are compiled together with overwhelming waterfalls, mountains, caves, unbelievable collections of lakes and rivers clearer than ever. And all of the states; Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, Sikkim, Tripura and Assam are therefore collectively called as the “Seven Sisters” of India. Anyone from any part of the world who wants some alone time with nature as well as their loved ones will definitely love to explore the various breathtaking places of northeast India. The northeast tour includes all a man would want to soothe himself or herself. The amazing natural phenomenon like the unique plantations found here in different corners, the sky touching waterfalls, the gorgeous snow capped mountains in some places and lush green mountains somewhere are all that are enough to win the hearts of thousands. If searching for peace, the monasteries of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim are ready to offer one. The soothing climate away from the hustle and bustle of metro cities, the states here are so much joined to their lands and are therefore very much indigenous. Even though people make a collage of all states of northeast as one whole region, the difference and variations in culture, tribe, cuisines will explain their own uniqueness.

What makes northeast so famous?

There is so much to explain and share about our northeast, its uniqueness, its peacefulness, the cleanliness and everything so much more. Thus, we have gathered some names and topics of the various places in the northeast region for which it is so close to the hearts of especially the nature lovers. 
Given below are some of the reasons why people love to celebrate travelling to the northeast.

  • The only floating national park in the world, which is the only one known of its kind, is found in our northeast India, Manipur- Keibul Lamjao National Park.
  • The game which is now so much famous all over the world and is known for being one of the classic games originated from northeast India, Manipur- Polo.
  • The very well known one, the cleanest village in Asia as well as in India is located in our northeast India, Meghalaya- Mawlynnong Village.
  • In fact the first state or place to go completely cashless in India was a village situated in northeast India, Meghalaya- Karang Village.
  • And the most beautiful one of the cultures of the northeast people is that the states here are completely dowry free.
  • The largest river island in the entire world which is a celebration in itself is also located in northeast India, Assam- Majuli River Island.

What is the best time to visit the Northeast?

Are you thinking of visiting the northeast with our northeast tour packages but wondering what will be the best time to do so? Here is an easy solution for you.
Basically it is often said that the time starting from the months of March to June is the best season to explore the awe and vibrant nature. The gorgeousness and the amazingness of the various tourist places are at peak now. These months are also referred to as the spring time and thus by the name, it’s blooming all around. The blooming and nourishing days of these months are so pleasing and soothing to our minds as well as skin, that people generally from different parts suffering from extreme climate love to visit and relax their body. From cultures to cuisines to traditions to lifestyles of each and every state of northeast India varies from each other. Therefore this is though sometimes hard to understand the weather of the complete region as a whole but otherwise you can surely visit the places in any season you want.
For your ease we have arranged a quick data on the weather conditions of the places so that you don’t need to mull over web pages and search for it.
Low season in northeast India- Generally the time from July to September is considered the low time to explore the places.
Shoulder season in northeast India- Therefore if you want to avoid a bit of a crowd of tourists, then for you the time of October to February is considered to be the best one.
Peak season in northeast India- If you are really looking for a wanderlust kind of tour then i will suggest you to pack your bags and get yourself and your family ready to travel the northeast in the golden months(as referred) of March to June.

How to travel to the northeast?

By air: The easiest transportation route in the northeast is the air ways. There are many international as well as national airports located in northeast India. Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore etc are directly connected to Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and others as well. Therefore the numerous airports here are basically the most busy ones in this region.
By rail: Trains are also a very convenient source of transport to the northeast. Though some places might not be connected with airports but with train stations it is obviously connected. The major cities of India are all connected to the stations of Assam, Mizoram and many more.
By road: If you want to sit for a long journey with your family and friends, travelling with buses or cars is also a good option. No wonder the lands here and the states specifically are all connected by roads and no place is missed under the national highway project. The only thing that will matter is the tiredness you will face after your trip, that’s it.

Language, History and People of Northeast

Our amazing northeast India is home to endangered and ancient languages. The seven siblings(as referred), Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, Assam still vary from each other in huge aspects. Even though it is seen that the sisters share a common language, in this case it is completely opposite. All the states share a different and comforting language of their own. For example; the constitution recognises Manipuri or Meitei in Manipur, Assamese, Bodo and Bengali in Assam, Bengali and Kokborok in Tripura, Mizo and English in Mizoram and English in Meghalaya, Nagaland. These mentioned languages are known to have its origin from five different language families; the Indo- Aryan, Tai- Kadai, Austro- Asiatic, Tibeto- Burman and undoubtedly the Dravidian. Therefore these seven  sisters are termed to be a linguistically and culturally rich centre.
The history of the northeast is very vast and different from what it is seen today. For years and decades the culture, society, economy as well as polity has undergone a tremendous turn of table. Though present day records do not hold so much information about the history of this place, as it was not well- documented.  One can find a proper record of this place only after the arrival of the British Raj but that too in the form of monographs and census. Therefore if we want to reconstruct or bring forth the history of northeast India we have to depend on myths, tales etc. 
Our beautiful northeast record is believed to be 1st found in the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the Puranas. For example the wife of Bhima, Hidimba is known to belong from the present day tribe of Bodo in Assam, also the wife of Lord Krishna, Rukmini is known to belong from the Idu Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. 
The people of northeastern states therefore still follow the age-old traditions and culture and live their lives in a natural manner.
People of Northeast:
It is said that the present dwellers of the northeastern region in the hills of India were previously the settlers of Myanmar, Thailand and China. And the people of the plains in the northeast are known to belong to the Ahom Kingdom. In fact the present status of the northeast is that it is home to a diverse group of people belonging to various cultures. In Assam people of Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikhs, Buddhists reside even though the lower part of the state of Assam has a muslim majority of heavy illegal migrants from Bangladesh who influxed in India. 
Basically the various tribes are grouped in hindus having Assamese, Ahom, Meitei, Suriya, Dimasas, Rabha and Koch. Buddhists have migrants from Tamang, Tibetans and christians have people belonging to the khasi, naga, mizo etc. 
We can proudly say that the northeastern culture is also closely connected to the land and therefore which could be seen in the very fact that more than half of the population of the entire northeast have agriculture as their occupation. Though this trend has been highly influenced by the big cities and people now want to do jobs and work abroad, still their indigenous culture has not been harmed yet.

Top Tourist Attraction of Northeast:

Northeast India is known all over for its mistful climate and peace giving environment around you. Travelling to the northeast and visiting the breathtaking places of northeast India like the gorgeous waterfalls, delightful monasteries where holy priests or monks live their lives in plain. The unique architecture and paintings and mind blowing museums are something to definitely witness once in a lifetime. The number of tourist places to visit here is boundless and therefore it might eat up your complete month of holidays in touring which will definitely be worth it.  
Thus we have arranged a small glance of the various places and tourist destinations that are mesmerising and definite to tour to.

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya:-

Nohkalikai Falls located in the state of Meghalaya, Cherrapunji is counted as the fourth largest waterfall in the world, is a blessing to the eye view. The astonishing falls when falling down from such a height gives goosebumps to every visitor. The actual height measured of the Nohkalikai Falls is 1,100 ft and is surrounded all over by huge carved mountains all covered with evergreen trees so to say flora. It lies at a distance of 5 km away from the main Cherrapunji point and therefore people can also trek down as well as dive into the chilling waters of the waterfall. If you want to get a birds eye view of the waterfall from far and don’t want to go down such a steep hill, this falls has naturally arranged this for you as well.  If you want to get the view of the waterfall at its best, then the best time to do so is during the springtime. Because during the winters and the monsoons the place is generally covered with mists and fog all around and thus you cannot get the glimpse of the mesmerising waterfalls.

Kangla Fort, Nagaland:-

The Kangla Fort is located in the state of Nagaland by the river bank of the Imphal River. The travellers love to travel to this place because of its mesmerising beauty and the never ending peace that it gives. The Kangla Fort is always greeted by thousands of tourists every year and the main reason for this is that the Fort has a huge significance on north eastern culture. This huge fort has seen numerous kings come and go and win and lose their throne. Therefore this place has been added in the list of tourist destinations in Nagaland increasing the number of attractions for the tourists. People from all over the world come here to discover the ancient brilliant architecture that this fort encompases.  To escape from the busy schedule and the hustle and bustle of the city lights people generally travel to places like this.

Loktak Lake, Manipur:-

This Loktak lake situated in the state of Manipur beholds such tremendous beauty within itself and a very unique feature that is rarely found in other lakes. There are actually numerous small islands floating in the waters of the lakes of Loktak which are called the ‘Phumdis’. The most interesting fact of the Loktak Lake is also that this lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the entire northeast India. This lake also holds the only floating National Park in the entire world which is the Keibul Lamjao National Park. In fact the lake has in it floating a number of swamps in it which looks so gorgeous and beautiful enhancing the beauty of the lake. This lake is located in the district of Bishnupur, Manipur. The bird watchers who come to visit this place love to watch the swamps and admire them. If your are someone who loves to admire nature and get close to the natural surroundings, visiting this place is a must for you then. The Loktak lake in Manipur becomes a  must visiting destination.

Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim:-

The Tsomgo Lake located in the states of Sikkim at an high altitude in the Himalayan Ranges is so glorious and surreal to look at and venture to. The entire lake surrounded by breathtaking mountains and high peaks of the Himalayas enhance the beauty more elegantly. This beautiful lake is situated at an height of 12,400 ft which gives it an unreal vibe and people who visit this heaven on earth like place attains peace and calmness of their soul which is so satisfying to them. The waters of this gorgeous lake are so cold and blue and natural to look at as the source of the lake comes from the beautiful source of the Himalayan Ranges which adds zest to the place. If you are willing to visit this awesome destination during the winters then you will get the chance to witness the breathtaking view of the snow capped lake as during the winter season the lake gets frozen because of its extreme climate. Therefore the stories associated with this astonishing lake in the beautiful state of Manipur is altogether a different experience to explore.

Kaziranga National Park, Assam:-

One of the famous destinations in fact a hotspot for the flora and fauna is the gorgeous Kaziranga National Park situated in the state of Assam spread to a huge area encompassing the unbelievable species of plants and animals. Actually some of the plants and animals found here are so rare that they are known to be found only in this area solely. This famous national park is not only counted as a hotspot in the northeastern region but even in the entire India. This piece of land in the small state of Assam is also recognised as one of the world heritage sites thus increasing the hope for the tourists to travel to this place and admire the natural beauty from  a close glance. One of the specialities of this forest is that it holds a count of hundreds of endangered one horned rhinoceros which are rare in its own aspect as they have been listed as the endangered species. Not only the park holds count of the amazing one horned rhinoceros but also the prides of India like the tigers, leopards, elephants and some species of the migratory birds are properly taken care of here.

Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh:-

By the name itself Tawang Monastery located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in Tawang is a must visit spot for spiritual as well as peace lovers. The National Park is located at a height of 3,048 ft above the sea level which is such an amazing location that everyone who visits this place never returns disheartened. There is a separate joy in heart while travelling to the northeast, National Park and is very soothing and peaceful. It is recognised to be the largest existing monastery in the entire country and is so famous all over for being the birthplace of the Dalai Lama. in fact this Buddhist Monastery is the 2nd largest monastery in the entire world and thus holding its position tight not inside the boundaries of the country but also all over the world after the Lhasa Monastery which is 400 yrs old. This peaceful place which is home to thousands of Buddhist monks and is thus so much well preserved and beautifully kept by the monks or the residents of this place. Therefore we can proudly say that people and travellers from all over the world come here to seek blessing and attain wisdom and embrace the natural beauty of the surrounding where it is situated. The holy place is not only attractive to all because of its natural beauty that puts the mind and soul of every visitor in another state but also the gorgeous architecture blows the  mind off.

Tripura Sundari Temple, Tripura:-

Being counted as one of the 51 shakti peethas, this holy Tripura Sundari temple is located in the state of Tripura(as the name suggests) and is at a distance of about 56 km from the main town of Agartala. Because of its spirituality and name it is approximately visited by thousands and thousands of visitors and believers from all over the world and hence is counted as one of the famous tourist destinations in the entire northeast. The sculpture of the temple is such that the upper half of the temple is constructed in the typical bengali hut style in the shape of the square sanctum which is referred to as the upper edifice of the temple. This temple is not only famous among the hindus but the non- hindus who are interested in admiring and knowing more deeply the culture of the other groups generally thong into this place in huge numbers. The people who come to this place get so much attracted to the pretty culture and tradition of worshipping the female goddess and extends the pride of this culture to all. Therefore this temple is famed to be one of the few kali temples in the entire country and one of the famous tourist destinations in the entire northeast India region.

Durtlang Hills, Mizoram:-

Travelling to the northeast of India and looking for a place where you can relax your body, mind and soul? Durtlang Hills located in the state of Mizoram is the choice for you. This amazing Durtlang Hills offers such picturesque scenery of the entire Aizawl city and attracts the vision of every passer’s by. While reaching the hills and walking through the hills one can get the amazing view of the rural areas of the state of Mizoram which surrounds this hill. If you are p;anning to explore this amazing destination during monsoon or maybe even during the post monsoon there are chances that you might spot several waterfalls falling down from the mountains and hills alongside this beautiful lush green Durtlang hills. The beauty of the hills is so satisfying that it has the capacity to even give you goosebumps looking at the gorgeous land under the blue sky and thus if travelling to Mizoram a stop over in this place becomes a must.

Majuli Islands, Assam:-

Majuli River Island located in the state of Assam floating in the river Brahmautra can be addressed as the largest river island in the entire world and is rare in its own kind. 
Actually the island is built by the sangam of the two water bodies that is River Subansiri and River Brahmaputra on the north and south respectively. Because of its fame and beauty and uniqueness, this piece of land has been termed as the cultural capital of Assam since the 16th century. Since the island is huge, the main village of the island is Naghmar which was established years ago and till date many festivals and cultural events take place. This place is all green and pollution-free so that city dwellers love to travel to this solely destination away from hustle and bustle. The prime attraction of this destination is the colours and the vibrant festivals which are celebrated here by people from across the world. The mesmerising dance performances of Lord Krishna and the Gopiyas performed by the village dwellers on the auspicious day of Raas Purnima is something which is definite to witness and is worth your time. The huge island has 22 Vaishnava Satras known to be established in the 15th century, thus being the most visited tourist spots in this particular region by the travellers and admirers. Namely, the Satras of this region are Kamalbari Satra, Garamurth Satra and the Dakhinpat Satra. Also the astonishing island gives the privilege to the nature lovers to admire the migratory birds.

Dawki, Meghalaya:-

Dawki is a border town aligned with Bangladesh and acts as a well established export and import means for the tradesmen. This beautiful place is located in the state of Meghalaya at a few km distance from the main city of Cherrapunji which is also very famous among the travellers as it is known for being the wettest place on Earth or to say in simple words that it is the place which receives the highest amount of rainfall in the earth. You will get the golden chance to witness the changing of the topography from the hilly terrain of Meghalaya, India to the beautiful and gorgeous northern plains of Bangladesh. Travelling to the beautiful destination during evening gives goosebumps as one can sight the stunning orange sunsets here in the neighbouring lands but adding the glitters by the Indian Rivers. Some of the playful activities that you can do here are ziplining, swimming, trekking, fishing and many more.

Travel Advice Regarding your Trip to the Northeast

There is no argument that even though the northeastern states are flourishing with beautiful sites in every corner still till date there is very much difficulty faced by the travellers and world tourers to reach on to these places. There are obviously some places where the infrastructure needs to be taken care of by the government to ensure its life line. The livelihood and the visiting people though still love to stroll down to the various places enhancing the beauty of the landscape as well as the friendly and lovely tribals who welcome everyone with an open heart. Though these states are called often and grouped together under one name that is ‘ the northeastern states’, still no 2 states are in common. If you are a nature lover and someone who loves to venture new things, travelling to this place is a must. Therefore if planning to travel to northeast India, then don’t forget to read through the tips regarding it.
Carrying a generous amount of cash in your hand will be the most wise decision because there might be some places yet in the northeastern part of India where cashless transactions have not occurred on a large scale.

Tips Regarding your Travel to the Northeast

While travelling to the northeastern states of India, the below given tips are some of the musts to be followed:-

  • Understand the whole concept of the climate of the northeast before travelling: as we all know that northeast India is famous all over for its refreshing climate, sometimes it becomes very cold for the city dwellers to adjust. Therefore, examine the weather forecast before travelling.
  •  To check your Internet connection: Before travelling to the northeast it is beforehand informed that the internet connection throughout may not be as fast as you might in the big cities of India. This is mainly because of the dense forests, hilly terrains all over as well as uneven lands which has become the main cause of the delay in setting up network towers. 
  • Travel Guide to help you throughout the tour: this is requested to all the travellers that before travelling to the northeastern states hire a travel guide to help you all along the different places which might be in a peak or even deep down in the steep. 
  • Manage your time in such a way so that you can explore all: though counted as one ‘northeast’ 8 states and countless tourist spots to explore. Therefore a proper time management by your travel guide and you will ensure a list of all the must destinations all around.
  •  Research: if planning to come and explore the unexplored lands of the northeast, a proper research in all fields is a must. You need to get deep into the places like which tourist destination is situated where and while travelling to that which are the places you can have your stop over into.

Rainfall in the northeast and the weather of northeast

The region of the northeast is known for its wet climate so to say throughout the year itself. The monsoon extends from heavy rainfall to very heavy rainfall from the month of june and extends to the month of september- october. Since it is situated in the tropical region the northeast India to an extent experiences a tropical climate in the valleys. The main source of rain in the northeast is the southwest monsoon and the heaviest rain is witnessed in the month of June. It is also noticed that the monsoon season not only in the northeast but throughout the country coincides with the summer season. There is no part here in this region which holds the record of receiving an annual rainfall of less than 1,000 mm. Thus the place receiving the highest amount of rainfall in the entire world is Cherrapunji in Meghalaya.

Adventurous things to do in the northeast

There are a lot of adventures in the lands of the northeast. Some are listed down below for your easy reference.

River rafting

 there are many rivers in the northeast where you can indulge in this water sport and enjoy the moment.


 the huge mountains and hills filled with trees and jungles all around can be a better area for trekking.


as these areas are overwhelmed and blessed by nature’s presence, there is no limit in the water bodies here. You can therefore give you luck a try in the fishing expedition


availability of high mountain ranges and hills helps in the successful establishment of paragliding sport in this area. Therefore this has become one of the famous activities here among the adventurers and travellers.


northeast India being rich in forests and empty lands therefore being a hotspot for camps and camping adventures. People from all over the world come here to experience the amazing nature around us.

Best places to stay in the northeast India

Radisson Blu HotelRadisson Blu Hotel Guwahati, National Highway 37, Guwahati, Assam 781033
Kunden Village ResortTathangchen Area Rd, Tathangchen Area, Gangtok, Sikkim 737103
De Oriental GrandThe Mezee, High School Road, National Highway 61, Upper Bayavü Hill, Kohima, Nagaland 797001
Hotel AirdropAirport Road, Usha Bazar, Agartala, Tripura 799009
The Golden RetreatCity Centre, Debhog, Kshudiram Nagar, Haldia, West Bengal 721657
The Classic HotelNorth AOC, Kabo Leika, Imphal, Manipur 795001
Chet ResidencyNH -15, 2nd Mile, Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh 792103
Tripura CastleCleve Colony, Tripura Castle Road, Shillong, Meghalaya 793003
Niathu ResortChumukedima, 7th Mile, Dimapur, Nagaland 797103
Manipur HouseTera Bazaar-Naoremthong Road, Tera Loukrakpam Leikai, Sagolband, Imphal, Manipur 795001

Frequently Asked Questions About Northeast(FAQs)

1. Describe the weather conditions of northeast India as a whole?

The weather of the plains of northeast India like the states of Assam, Tripura are warmer compared to the other states like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya.

2. What would be the most suitable time to visit the northeastern states?

Though it is suggested to visit Kaziranga during winters and Meghalaya or the other states during the summers still a common ideology is to visit all the places during the pre- summer season, i.e during winters.

3. Will we be provided with stoppages in the areas we want to?

Yes definitely wherever you wish to have some food or in that case stoppage for photos you will be always welcomed for it.

4. What type of clothes or things should we carry during our trip?

If you are travelling the northeast during the summer or monsoon season it is expected that you carry a thin shrug or sweater because of the drizzles or even heavy rain the entire region becomes cool as compared to the other parts of India.

5. Is it possible to travel alone in the northeast?

Yes, there is no problem for you to travel to the northeastern states alone. But if you want to enjoy the loveliness of nature with your loved ones you should be in groups. But if you want to explore it alone that is a different case.

6. What are the various festivals we can witness during our trip?

The numerous festivals that one can explore during the trips are Bihu in Assam, Hornbill festival in Nagaland and Monpa in Arunachal Pradesh.

7. Are the network service providers available in the northeast?

Yes there are towers of all the network brands in northeast India, but still there might be still some areas which have still remained unengaged with the networks.

8. Will we get veg food during our trip in northeast India?

Obviously there are a number of hotels and restaurants on every highway concerning the wants of every vegetarian or non- vegetarian. You need not worry about your wants.

9. Where can we experience the amazing river rafting adventure?

The amazing sport of river rafting can be experienced in many rivers in the northeastern region one of them being the river Nameri.

10. Which are the states where a permit pass is required?

There are no entry passes required in most of the states of northeast as these states are a part of the country India. Therefore only an entry permit is required in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram.

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