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Majuli is a beautiful river island that is well-known for its peace and solitude. It is known as the largest river island in the world and is situated in the middle of the powerful Brahmaputra river. Majuli draws a lot of birds, both local and migratory, thanks to the rivers Subansiri on the north bank and the Brahmaputra encompassing the most of the territory. Majuli’s picturesque surroundings and verdant paddy fields will enchant you. The island’s area is around 421 sq. km., however it is steadily shrinking as a result of the Brahmaputra River’s severe erosion. In Majuli, there are little islands inside of other islands, and the landmass keeps changing after each summer. The region of Majuli, which is 1100 kilometres from the mouth of the Brahmaputra River, was 1256 square kilometres in 1991, but it is now only 875 square kilometres due to soil erosion.

Weather in Majuli

The best time to visit majuli is in the month of November because within this period of time the weather condition is quite favourable even the required river named  as brahmaputra is calmer. Winter makes it totally safe to travel through the ferries. During winters a major group of tourists visit this mesmerising island which makes this season to be the peak sightseer season of Majuli Island.
In Majuli, Assam summer season starts from the starting date of March and lasts till end of September. During this period of time the maximum temperature can shoot up to 43 degree celsius whereas the minimum temperature recorded here during summer time is 25 degree celsius. Therefore, the summer season in Majuli is extremely hot and muggy.
Monsoon season starts from July and ends till September. During this time the island looks very stunning and beautiful but even after that it is not recommended to visit during monsoon. Because at this time the maximum portion of the Majuli Island remains submerged in the river because of flooded water.
The only time it looks pleasant to visit this beautiful and green island is the winter season because at this period of time the maximum temperature ranges here is 17-19 degree celsius whereas minimum temperature ranges between 5-8 degree celsius.

How to Reach Majuli

By Air:
The nearest airport to Majuli is Jorhat airport and there are many regular flights that fly between Jorhat and Guwahati. From Jorhat you can take a cab to a river bank called Neemati ghat which is only 14 km from Jorhat. After reaching the Neemati ghat, tourists can avail the facility of ferry ride to reach their desired location.
By Train:
The nearest railway station that one can find near Majuli island is Jorhat railway station. If you’re travelling by a train then you have to arrive first at Guwahati railway station then you have to take another train to reach Jorhat. From Jorhat buses and cabs will help you in transporting yourself to Nemaati Ghat where ferries are accessible for a ride to your required island.
By Road:
If you are travelling by road then first you have to arrive at the central part of the Brahmaputra valley or Jorhat after that from here you can hire a taxi or take a bus to the Neemati ghat. After reaching the Neemati ghat you have to ask for a ferry service to reach your dreamy location.

Frequently Asked Questions on Majuli

1. Where is Majuli Island situated?

Majuli is situated in the north-eatern part of India in the state of Assam. The required river island is surrounded by the running water of the Brahmaputra (one of the biggest rivers of Assam).

2. What is unique about Majuli River Island?

Majuli is a visually attractive and pollution-free island with mesmerising green pigments on it. It is also considered as the largest river island in the world, which attracts a lot of tourists.

3. What is the meaning of Majuli?

The term Majuli means a land between two parallel rivers and this island was formed around 1750 when a heavy flood was diverted into two equal parts by a channel of the Dihing about 190 km upstream of its convergence.

4. Why is this beautiful river island (Majuli) disappearing?

Majuli river island is disappearing because of the regular floods in the river Brahmaputra which causes the soil erosion of this island. The rate of its soil erosion is so high that it will submerge the island in the next 15-20 years.

5. Is Majuli visiting worthy?

Yes, Majuli is a beautiful place because of its cultural dance, tribal culture, migratory birds along with the common birds like pelican, lapwing etc and all these things make Majuli a worthy place.

6. Best time to visit Majuli?

Best time to visit this island is the winter season because at this time you can find relaxing weather ranging below 20 degree celsius. Apart from winter, late autumn and spring seasons are also some of the best times to visit it.

7. What type of island Majuli is?

Majuli island is long narrow piece of land situated in the middle of two parallel rivers earlier it was called as Ratnapur the capital city of the powerful Chutia Kingdom. As it is protected by the river water from every side.

8. How can I communicate on this island?

The local languages here are Assamese, Mising and Deori. You can even communicate in English and Hindi as the people’s out here are quite familiar with these languages.

9. How can I reach this Majuli spot?

The nearest airport to this spot is Jorhat Airport, also called Rowriah Airport from here visitors can book a cab for Neemati Ghat situated at a distance of 14 km from the airport. From Neemati Ghat, visitors can avail a ferry service to reach Majuli.
If you are travelling by a train then the nearest railway station to Majuli is Jorhat railway station from here you can take a cab or bus to Neemati ghat.

10. What is the total geographical area of Majuli?

Majuli island is considered as the biggest river island of the world but because of the continuous erosion it is decreasing its total area. It is already shranked by more than 60 percent and now it has a total area of 352 sq km.

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