Dawki River

Dawki Honeymoon Tour Packages

Dawki Honeymoon Tour Packages

A small village called Dawki is situated in Meghalaya’s southern region, close to the borders with Bangladesh and India. It is 95 kilometres (three hours’ journey) away from Shillong city. It is a well-liked site for fans of adventure sports and is situated on the bank of the Dawki River. The Dawki River, also known as the Umngot River, is the source of the location’s increasingly popular crystal pure water. To learn more about the area and things to do in Dawki, see our travel guide. Dawki is one of the most picturesque locations in Meghalaya, a magnificent river with crystal clear waters. Visitors adore coming here for a day trip, especially to go boating in the picturesque environs. The Jaintia Hills’ Dawki is a tiny border settlement between Bangladesh and India. The little town is well-known for its tourism, in addition to being a centre for trade. Many visitors come here to take a boat trip down the renowned Umngot River and take in the local sights and sounds. For a day vacation, some people travel here directly from Shillong.

Weather in Dawki

The extensive prettiness of Dawki made it a beautiful honeymoon destination. It is considered as the highest visited tourist spot in Meghalaya. Couples can perform a lot of activities like kayaking, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Zip Lining etc in its region. Couples can even try a camping activity near the Shnongpdeng river. After marriage, a honeymoon trip is the only time you two people come to know about each other. Therefore, Dawki is surely going to be the best place where couples can strengthen their bond by performing these thrilling activities.
Dawki is a place where couples can visit in every season of the year. But the best time to visit this mesmerising part of Meghalaya from the Kajaawa side is the winter season because this is the only time when couples can find pleasant and suitable weather for exploring and sightseeing. During the Monsoon season Dawki receives heavy rainfall which might sometimes cause landslides and road blockages. Therefore, it is advised to its visitors that they should plan their honeymoon trip to Dawki in monsoon season.
During the summer season the required temperature of Dawki remains between 25 degree celsius to 30 degree celsius. This is the only time when it attracts a lot of tourists because of its crystal clear river called Umngot river. Although the weather temperature is a bit high during the summer season,it makes no difficulties in sightseeing. As the cool breezes coming from the side of Bay of Bengal keeps the air cool and bearable.
Dawki is the best place for newly wedded couples as they can observe some of the best things of their life here. They can witness the river water flowing through the mountains of  Meghalaya towards the boundary plains of Bangladesh. They can even witness a beautiful sunset hand-in-hand over the plains of Bangladesh.

How to Reach Dawki

By Air:
Couples who want to plan their honeymoon trip at Dawki, then the nearest airport to Dawki will be Umroi Airport which is situated at a distance of 100km from Dawki near the capital city of Meghalaya. As it is a domestic airline many couples prefer to fly into Guwahati International Airport first and then head their journey towards Dawki. This international Airport is situated at a distance of 200 km from Dawki but the journey from this required Airport to Dawki is really astonishing as couples can witness large numbers of picturesque beauty during their journey.
Couples can also explore Meghalaya’s beauty from a higher altitude with a helicopter service that used to fly from Guwahati to Shillong, followed by a road tour to Dawki.
By Train:
The closest railway station to Dawki is the Guwahati Railway Station and it is placed at a distance of 170 km from Dawki. Couples can book a cab from Guwahati railway station and  head their journey to Dawki through the NH40. It takes nearly 5-6 hours for a cab to reach the Dawki. Before reaching your desired location you have to pass through the mesmerising capital city of Meghalaya.
By Road:
Couples who are planning to reach Dawki by road, the best option for them is hiring a cab or travel through their private vehicle. The required route that will lead you couples to reach Dawki is stunningly beautiful. Due to well-maintained roads many solo and group travellers ride their bikes to many destinations across the state of Meghalaya. Dawki is around 200 km from Guwahati and 100 km from the capital city of Meghalaya.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dawki Honeymoon Packages

1. What are the best places to visit in Dawki?

Some of the best places to visit within the Dawki are Umngot river, Wah Umngot river, Jaflong Zero Point, Dawki river, Byrdaw Falls & pomshutia

2. Is there any romantic place available in Dawki?

Byrdaw Falls (Pomshutia) and jaflong zero point are some beautiful and romantic spots situated in Dawki. Visiting these sites will charm your mood and make yourself relax in the lap of nature.

3. How many days is required to explore the whole spots of Dawki?

You can explore all its spots in just one day. But if you are an adventure lover then you will be needing one more day to complete all your adventure activities like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, cliff jumping, zip lining etc.

4. Is visiting Dawki economical?

Yes, visiting Dawki is totally economical because it is full of activities along with sightseeing. You can perform various thrilling activities to make yourself strong from inside like cliff jumping, zip lining etc.

5. Is visiting Dawki safe?

In terms of safety Dawki is the best place within Meghalaya.Even on performing adventure activities you will find an expert guy with you to ensure your maximum safety at every site.

6. Why is Dawki famous?

Dawki is famous because of its pretty spots and clyster clear river in entire India. And once upon a time it used to be considered as the cleanest river of Asia.

7. What-what activities can we perform in Dawki?

You can perform zip lining over the cleanest river at a height of 300 feet above the ground level. 
You can navigate a kayak in dawki,
You can scuba dive in the cleanest river of india. 
You can do snorkelling.
Lastly you can also do cliff jumping.

8. What are the local dishes that we can find inside the dawki?

Jadoh, Tungrambai, Kyat, Ktung, and Ki Ktu are some local dishes of Meghalaya  that you can find within the local restaurants and fast food shops.

9. Are cellular networks available in Dawki?

Yes, you will find a very good strength of cellular networks out here. And at the same time if you want to show your friends staying in different states or different parts within the state then you can also do a live streaming for them.

10. Drones are allowed in Dawki?

Yes, taking pictures and making videos with the help of drones are allowed  in dawki. It may be restricted in some areas but under some terms and conditions even in that area you can use your drone.

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