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Assam, in North East India, is one of the most abundant and unexplored areas of the nation and is a treasure mine of natural beauty and varied history. The state, also known as the “Land of Blue Hills and Red River,” is home to vast expanses of tea plantations, natural woods, and powerful rivers. The state, which is best renowned for being the one-horned rhino’s habitat, is one of the world’s top hotspots for biodiversity. The state is a tourist’s paradise because of the majestic Brahmaputra river, stunning hills, and diverse flora and fauna. Assam, one of India’s most picturesque regions, serves as a gateway to the captivating and underappreciated northeastern region of the nation. The one-horned Indian rhinoceros, wild water buffalo, pygmy hog, tiger, and several kinds of Asiatic birds can all be found in this state. Additionally, the state’s diverse flora and fauna make it a popular vacation spot for nature lovers and tourists. With a population of 31.21 million, Assam is renowned for its rich cultural legacy and diversity. The main languages spoken in the state are Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Hindi, and English.

Weather in Assam

If you are planning a honeymoon trip to Assam then visiting it in the winter season is going to be the finest hour. Because at this time the breezes that are coming from the himalayan sides cools the atmospheric temperature of Assam and provides a beautiful weather condition for its locals. Therefore, planning your honeymoon trip to Assam in winters allows you not only to visit its mesmerising locations but  also gives you a chance to take parts in thrilling activities to boost your adrenaline rush within the state of Assam.
The maximum temperature that a honeymoon couple can find during the winter season in Assam is 25 degree celsius whereas minimum of 8 degree celsius. This beautiful season starts from the end of October and lasts till the end of March. Therefore, visiting it in between this period of time will help you to enjoy your honeymoon trip at the utmost level.

How to Reach Assam

By Air:
Couples who are planning to visit Assam for their honeymoon tour for them the fastest way to visit Assam is a flight to Guwahati. Couples can book a flight ticket from any major cities of India, like Mumbai, Delhiand Bangalore. This Guwahati International airport or Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is only 25 km far from the Guwahati city
By Train:
 Newly wedded couples can travel to Assam by train as there are many direct train services available from Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and many more. The biggest railway station of Assam is situated in the town of Dibrugarh, which is also called the tea city of India.
By Road:
The road transportation in Assam is utterly good in the northeastern part of India and it is very much permissible for every kind of vehicle. Roads and highways within the state of Assam are really good to drive down yourself. Couples who are planning to explore Assam by a vehicle will have a comfortable road trip throughout their excursion.

Frequently Asked Questions on Assam

1. Best time to visit Assam for a honeymoon couple?

Best time to plan a honeymoon trip to Assam is within November to May because at this time you can find relaxing weather in Assam, due to the cool breeze coming from the himalayan sides of Darjeeling, Arunachal Pradesh and meghalaya. These breezes also reduce the required temperature of Assam at this time and allows its tourists to perform all their adventure and thrilling activities.

2. At what time the local peoples of Assam celebrate Bihu?

Peoples of Assam celebrate the festival of bihu three time in a year, even they have a separate name for each of them like ‘Bohag Bihu’ which is celebrated in the month of Bohag (mid of April), Magh Bihu which is celebrated in the month of magh (mid of January) and Kati Bihu in the month of kartik (mid of october).

3. Mention some best things to perform in assam for newly wedded couples?

Couples can perform a lot of activities to make their honeymoon trip special and memorable, some of them are as follows;
Participate in a river cruise: one of the biggest rivers of Assam named as Brahmaputra  allows its visitors to do a river cruise in it. You can even select a cruise according to your need from different-different types of cruises like dinner or other included facilities.
Explore Wildlife Sanctuary and parks : you can explore and witness enormous numbers of plants and animals in Assam at places like Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Orang National Park etc.
Witness the traditional festival of Assam: one of the best festivals to witness in Assam for newly wedded couples is Bihu where they can see a beautiful traditional folk dance, culture, customs etc of the locals.
Do adventure things: You can find lots of water-bodies in Assam where you can do lots of water-sports like boating, fishing, Rafting etc.

4. Name some must performing activities for honeymoon couples in Assam?

Some must performing activities for honeymoon couples in Assam are given below 
Wildlife tour at kaziranga: Honeymoon couples are strongly recommended to do an elephant safari and a jeep safari at Kaziranga National Park to observe various endangered species.
Rafting: Couples can do this crafting activity over the high tides and currents of rivers that flow through assam. It is also considered as an excellent activity to perform with your beloved partner.
Trekking: Couples can  do this trekking activity around the Lilabari Town and Adamail region due to their beautiful landscapes and mixed lands.
Camping: one of the best things that Assam is providing to honeymoon couples is a camping activity in the middle of natural settings near Lilabari. Couples will love to spend  a night under the sxy that is full of twinkling stars during their camping and mesmerising views of himalayas.

5. Name some best places to visit in Assam for honeymoon couples?

Some best places recommended for honeymoon couples planning a trip to Assam are:
Kaziranga National Park. Containing the ⅔ of total population of one-horned Rhinoceros
Majuli Island. One of the biggest islands located in a river with a mass area of 352 square Km.
Haflong Lake. Haflong Lake is situated at the centre of haflong city and one can enjoy the scenic views of mountains while boating on it.

6. For honeymoon couples, is visiting Assam worth it?

Yes, for honeymoon couples Assam is going to be the best place to plan their honeymoon trip as they can find here many wildlife reserves, natural attractions, local heritage, a different culture and custom etc which makes it different and attractive to its visitors.

7. Is Assam safe for honeymoon couples?

Yes, Assam is totally safe for honeymoon couples and there is only one thing which becomes troublesome that is the flood. Sometimes during monsoon season due to heavy rain most of the areas of Assam get affected with the flooded water.

8. How many days are required to cover a Assam trip?

A maximum of 6-7 days are required to explore all the famous places of Assam because all the sites and places are situated at a great distance from one another. So it is advised to plan at least a 6-7 honeymoon trip.  

9. List some best resorts where honeymoon couples can stay?

Some of the well-maintained and beautiful resorts for honeymoon couples are given below:
Resort Borgas
Aarian woods resort
United 21 Grassland Resorts
Brahmaputra Jungle Resort
Zizina Resort

10. For how many months rainy seasons last in Assam?

In Assam, the rainy season starts from June and lasts till the starting of october, at this time the weather condition is quite favourable for water-sports.

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